I Would Prefer CASH! 18-Year-Old Victim Wants Money & No Court Trial For Alleged Kanye West Beat Down

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A new year, new lawsuit time, but not for Kanye West. It appears that an alleged beat down that went down a little over a week ago, won’t end up in court. TMZ reports that the 18-year-old who Kanye allegedly beat the breaks off in a chiropractor’s waiting wants one thing and it isn’t to show up in front of a judge.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West shop at Saint Felix in Beverly Hills

Reportedly, his camp has approached the rapper, asking for a large sum of money to settle the case without criminal prosecution. Sources connected with the case say his lawyer called Kanye’s expressing the desire to strike a civil settlement. He does NOT want to go through a public trial. As reported  Kanye’s fiancee Kim Kardashian claims that the young man began yelling all types of racial slurs. Eye witnesses say that Kanye showed up and unleashed on him punching him several times.

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Neither Kanye nor Kim have released an official statement about the incident. Both are currently in Paris, enjoying Paris Fashion Week.

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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I am not shocked that the white boy that got beat down wants to settle out of court. I guess that Kanye (the nigga) money is ok to accept because the white boy got his hands out. All those racial slurs but you can take nigga money, boy please. Kim need to stop going out places with no security it is not like she does not have the money. Kayne protected his wife im ok with that but stop laying hands on people. That piece of white trash is not worth it. With Kanye already facing time from the other incident he really does not need this. That racist we boy did not put hands on Kim so it should have stopped there. But I have been called a nigga before by a white person and I also could not control my anger I went up to his face and starting laughing at him. You should have seen his face he turned all red I took all his power from him and the word. Made him look like a damn fool. His own buddies started laughing at him. He could not understand why I did not fight him or harm him. It was because I refused to give the word power.

    • DIVA

      Well you said that!! And it is alllllll true. I knew it was going to be all about the money. Now the boy dont want to his name & identity all across America so everybody can see he is a racist but if I was Kanye we would have to go to court so everybody can see who this racist person is. He embarrassed now. You said it so take the hood off and be a man so the world can see who you are.

    • SNAPA

      I wish these so called entertainers, athletes and others with money, will just ignore the racial slurs and just realized that they are after any kind of tussle just to sue…I would have yelled something to the teenager to the effect, “At least this N-word & N-word lover, have more money than you!! Haha!!” Because THAT racist boy would NOT have gotten any of my money for some foolishness—looking for a come up

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