[VIDEO] Wendy Williams Protests Watching RHOA After Fight Scene & Drug Use Rumors

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This week Wendy Williams informed her audience she is no longer watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Wendy has been an avid viewer of the show since the premier back in 2008 and has a rich history with the reality TV favorites. She has spoken about its cast members on many of her Hot Topics segments, extending her opinion and often yielding advice to cast members. In fact, one of the latest cast members Wendy gave her advice to was Porsha Williams on her move to the suburbs of Atlanta. She also has had most of them on her show as guests, on numerous occasions.

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Her relationships with some of the Housewives has been seemingly rocky due to her strong opinion about their lives. Nene Leakes took to Twitter to blast Wendy, after she made comments about NeNe and her husband, Gregg’s love life. More recently, Kandi Burress explained she felt her mother’s opinion of her fiancé Todd Tucker was influenced by Wendy, when she called him an ‘opportunist’. And lastly, Porsha also got in on the action when she was informed of Wendy’s comments on her financial choices. Fast forward to the present day and this week, Wendy announced she’s completely done with the show, telling the audience:

I’m not that girl anymore.
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She continued:

I also backed off the Real Housewives of Atlanta. You all have been asking, did I see Sunday night’s episode and all that happened. No, I haven’t seen that show in two weeks. When they did the tease with the fight…I’m sorry. You know I can be as ratchet as the next person and I will admit it. But there are two things I don’t do. I don’t fight…never been in a fist fight in my life. Although, don’t test me. I mean Housewives of Atlanta, there’s rumors about coke {cocaine} sniffing going on, there’s that thing going on with every single last one of them having whack story lines. Kandi, with all due respect, I’m not the only one who thinks Todd is an opportunist. And Andy Cohen, stop dragging me into Housewives stuff. And I have to tell you. Before the Housewives, I used to be a lot smarter. And now I find myself dumbing down. I’m not doing it anymore. Not like that! And I will pick and choose what we talk about here on Hot Topics, but I’m sorry. I’m not that girl anymore. But I’m back to writing books, my eighth book it comes out in the spring. And look, I’m not lecturing and I’m not kumbaya. But I’ll tell you what I’m not going to do. I will not watch that.

Watch the clip (she discusses RHOA at the 8:00 mark).

What are your thoughts on Wendy’s decision to no longer watch RHOA? 

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  • m&m

    I didn’t hear any cocaine rumors, but Nene sure did look like she was hopped up on something!

    • Anonymous

      Nene sure did….

  • love

    I actually really love WW, BUT she hops the fence whenever it’s convenient for her. She LOVES the NJ housewives and they’ve had several breakout fights, so WHAT-EVER. Basically, the cast was coming for her, so she’s backing down.

    • Shannon

      @love I totally agree with you. One minute she’s watching and the next she’s above the drama. She did the same with BBW.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you. When the House Wives came for her because of her comments. It seemed like Wendy bagged down talking about them. Be mindful that, if you talk about someone be prepared their going to talk about you as well.

  • vapariga

    @m&m and @love – Co-sign!

  • The Mrs

    It’s really because of what Possha said. I dont blame her for cutting them off she keeps there crappy show in the headlines and they turned on her.

    • Anonymous

      When Porsha called her out about her husband, she did STOP watching the show. When people talk about her husbnd she runs in the other direction because the home life is not that awesome as one might think,

  • I actually enjoy RHOA but it has started to get a little ratchet. These are grown men and women and at that age you shouldn’t be having petty fist fights. Although I won’t say I will stop watching, I think it’s getting a little tired. But it works wonders for their ratings, which causes the paradox..

  • Cityboy

    Ms Wendy, we love you, but it’s ok to switch YOUR tv off when the HWOA comes on!! But we know you’ll be peeping lmao…and then talk about it later on HOT TOPICS…

  • doogal

    You know for the first time I am beginning to look at myself and say I should not be that person either like Wendy. Drama takes you away from your real life and can be fun but what they are showing us on rhoa is just not something any of us should have on our minds. It also causes terrible feelings of sadness and anger when you see the violence that was shown last week. I think Wendy has really given us all who watch rhoa something to think about. Are we really that person as she asked, are we?

  • rebbye

    WHAT a joke for the VILE WW to consider RHOA’s antics to be beneath her! WW had no prob ridiculing Amanda Bynes when she was clearly mentally ill. WW thinks it’s dreadful for Diana Ross’s 25 yr old son to date 29 yr old mom Simpson, but it’s appropriate for Sean Penn to date 16 yrs younger Charlize Theron. WW is nasty, stupid & hypocritical – no wonder her son dislikes her!

  • Deed

    I just turned of my recorded episode of this past Sunday’s RHOA when Kenya made the comments about d–k, and canceled future recordings. These women have no class and no self respect.

  • BHR

    Wendy quit playing! You’re more addicted to RHOA than you care to admit. You got your feelings hurt by Porsha. Porsha checked you real hard then let you know that you were less than a woman for constantly attacking your sisters of color. Do the right thing by apologizing to them. That prove that there is a tad bit of compassion toward your fellow sisters. Face it Wendy, you are not Lady O but you may be able to impress your son by doing the right thing for a change. Perhaps that’s what ticks him off about you and the show that bears your name. I’m just saying…..i could be wrong. You are the expert, right?

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