Tamika Fuller Wins In Court, Rapper Ludacris Ordered To Pay Child Support

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Looks like it’s a win for the mother of Ludacris’ youngest child.

The 36-year-old rapper/actor has reportedly been ordered to pay $7,000-a-month to the mother of his baby daughter, after attempting to plead poverty to limit the amount of child support he would have to pay.

Fans were shocked earlier this year, when they learned that he fathered a daughter named Cai on December 9th, with a former girlfriend named Tamika Fuller.

Ludacris and Tamika Fuller

She filed papers for financial support, asking for a monthly check of $15,000 to care for the newborn, but he challenged the claim, insisting he could not afford to pay that much.

According to MSN, last month, he requested a Georgia judge cap his child support liabilities to a maximum of $1,800 a month, blaming the stalled production of “Fast & Furious 7,” which has been on hold since the death of star Paul Walker in November, for affecting his finances.

tamika fuller-ludacris baby mama drama-the jasmine brand

TMZ later reported that Luda claimed to only have made $55,000 in 2013. The case returned to court on Wednesday, when a judge ruled against Ludacris, although he refused to grant the full amount demanded by Tamika (which was almost double).

Long story short, he temporarily award Fuller $7,000-a-month, which will be reviewed once all of the financial documents have been assessed.

Last month, Tamika wrote on Twitter:

It saddens me that it has come to this. I did not file on him. Nor would I ever try to attempt to extort my child’s fathers.

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  • DIVA

    Good for her! He should not have lied in the beginning. Don’t he know everything is on paper with the IRS. It takes 2 to make a baby so that means it takes 2 to support one. He should want his child to live as good as he is if not better. I thought we wanted better for our children. smh

  • Shannon

    HAHAHAHA thats what he gets. I’m tired of these men sleeping with all these women…jump offs, side chicks, one night stands, whatever you want to call it (but i dont believe she was an ex) and then once they become pregnant the man expects for her to have some decency now and not go after their money. Well think again…where was your decency when you were cheating on your girl. Pay up buddy!!!!


    Let Wade and Luda be a lesson to these fools who think it’s okay to run in bed with a heaux right after going on a “break” with their significant other…From my understanding when people use the term “break”, they have some type of intention of reuniting with that person. Then WHY would these idiots be so reckless and get another woman pregnant then they try to downplay the situation and/or not want to pay the piper!

    • Shawty

      I was shocked to hear this news about Luda and now he fits in the same category of dead beat daddies trying to escape his responsibility. I lost all respect for him for not taking responsibility for his baby, juke!!!!!