[Watch] Matthew Knowles’ Baby Mama Gives 1st Interview, Explains Why She Doesn’t Blame Beyonce

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Alexsandra Wright 7

It seems Beyonce had much reason to continue her journey sans her father with his baby mama drama resurfacing.

While Matthew Knowles was still married to now ex Tina Knowles—of over 30 years—he fathered a child, Nixon Alexander Knowles, with Alexsandra Wright during their 18-month affair. With ‘he said she said’ floating around the net about Ms. Wright, she decided to sit down with Inside Edition to tell her side of the story.

More than anything I respected him as a friend and a colleague and more than anything our relationship grew out of that.

Alexsandra Wright 8

After it was determined Matthew was the father he was ordered to pay child support but opted not to and now the sum has totaled around $32k. Alex tells the host, Jim Moret of her frustration with the his neglective attitude

 This is his child, its a boy, its been 5 years. I’ve never spoken, I’ve been respectful of our relationship. I’ve never talked about it or stepped out of line. I followed the letter to the law, the stipulated judgments to the law. It feels like he’s a little bit of an outlaw and has chosen to not acknowledge any of it and punish me all the way to the finish line. 

Alexsandra Wright 5

According to her, Nixon rarely sees his father and due to his delay in support she’s filed for public assistance.  She tells Moret:

You’ve seen him more then he has—More than anything he raised two children and was very active in their lives and they turned out very well. So why he’s choosing to not acknowledge his only son, I don’t know. It’s disappointing and also what’s disappointing is that I’m the only parent taking responsibility at this point.

As the plot thickens she shares that before his eldest daughter had Blue Ivy, he wanted to give his son to Jay and Bey so they could raise him as their child.

Alexsandra Wright 6

But despite papa Knowles actions, there’s no ill feelings towards the megastar.

I don’t expect Beyonce to take accountability. It’s not her problem. It’s not her situation, this is Matthew’s situation solely and I think he should stand up and take responsibility. 

There is no word from the father’s camp in regards to the situation except that he’s not a “deadbeat dad.”

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  • RisingSpivey

    I have no sympathy for her. What do you expect messing with a married man? She said: You’ve seen him more then he has—More than anything he raised two children and was very active in their lives and they turned out very well. So why he’s choosing to not acknowledge his only son, I don’t know.” <—- Lady, are you serious? He probably hates your guts and anything that has to do with you (including his own child) because you and that baby more than likely ruined his life. When Tina left him so did Beyonce and all his money. He probably can't stand her. It's so sad that the child will suffer because his mother and father made poor decisions..

  • Anonymous

    Some woman that have these children don’t think about what their bringing that child into.If you’re gonna deal with a married man take responsibility for your actions.If you chose to have that child,get your child support and create a village for that child to help you raise it and go on about your business.Leave his family alone!! You don’t have the right to shove that child down their throats.Let him handle his family depending on what that situation is.If Beyonce and her sister want to get to know her son she needs to let them reach out to her.

  • Jen

    It doesn’t matter if she had this child while he was married, it is his child and he should be involved. The baby did not ask to be here, and its not his fault that his mother and father committed adultery. Regardless of how this child was made hes is now here and Mr. Knowles needs to step up to the plate and take care of this child.

    • DIVA

      I totally agree with you Jen! Matthew should not be punishing the child for the mistake that he made. Yes he was married but this is his blood and his only boy. Matthew is wrong and he should be apart of this child life. The only person that is suffering here is the child. I also agree with the mother this has nothing to do with Beyonce this is her father so people need to take her out of this. smh

  • vapariga

    @Jen – agree 100%. I just wonder why he isn’t being arrested or having his wages attached like they do everyone else? Not condoning her behavior but it doesn’t seem like she is asking for much other than for him to be a father & be responsible for this child. Again, like the rest of the entertainment males in heat, he should have thought about that before he layed down with her.

  • Anonymous

    Was she working while she was messing around with a married man? Why does she need assistance now? Get off your lazy a$$ and get a job. Yes both parents are responsible for the baby but don’t sit around crying about being on assistance get up and get a job! This kind of mess gets on my LAST nerve. My mother raised three kids on her own and she did not sit around looking for a handout. Yes seek child support but damn get a job! You are not the kept woman anymore honey – get over it!

    • I totally agree! That is my point whatever happened, happened but as black women we have been conditioned to do what we needed to, to raise our own kids irregardless of the father’s activity in that child’s life. Get a job and raise your kid!

  • LetsBeClear…

    *no shade – I have nothing but love for the innocent child THROWN in the middle of this GHETTO MESS. *shade – girl please go and sit down and raise yo bambino. You knowingly laid wit a married married. CRAY…now you want to smear your LOVE CHILD all up in the man’s kids face..are you serious…and keep Beyonce’ name out yo mouth..we know you arent right because you havent named anyone else from the knowles clan: aunties, cousins, grandparents etc…you think if you keep name dropping Beyonce you will get attention….SIKE…okay…rant…over…thanks yall

    • Anonymous


  • She also claims in another article to have been financial stable and well off when she met Knowles so….what happened to your career? did you stop working after having this child thinking you hit the bank? Also if you knew he was married why didn’t you protect yourself and get on BC or use protection, it’s not like you didn’t know he was sleeping w someone else also?

  • If your arelcits are always this helpful, “I’ll be back.”

  • Kudos to you! I hadn’t thought of that!

  • Hey, you’re the goto expert. Thanks for hanging out here.

  • That’s more than sensible! That’s a great post!

  • Ab fab my goodly man.

  • I think you hit a bullseye there fellas!

  • Thanks for introducing a little rationality into this debate.