Bobbi Kristina’s Husband Nick Gordon, Gets Into Family Brawl + Lashes Out On Twitter After Alleged Beat Down

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Gary M. Houston, Nick Gordon, Bobbi Kristina

Looks like there is no love lost between Bobbi Kristina’s new hubby Nick Gordon and her (Houston) family. What would normally be a blissful time for newlyweds turned into an all out brawl at a recent family event. According to TMZ, the couple was attending a Sweet 16 party for Reyah, Whitney Houston’s niece, when her nephew Gary M. Houston, accused of her talking badly about the family. Then, allegedly, he slammed Gordon to the ground and punched him in the face.

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Reportedly, the party was formal with attendees dressed in tuxedos and gowns, but Nick showed up in what some felt like was inappropriate attire–a hoodie and knit cap, sparking a confrontation and fight. From the looks of things, the physical altercation spilled over onto social media. After the fight, Nick took to Twitter to air his feelings about the entire family. He wrote:

Everybody got so f*cking fake after Mom passed away. Specially Pat
I’m like f*ck all of em they’ve tried to fight me ( Gary H ) jealous a** n*gga. You snuck me you should’ve had me but you didn’t
@garymhouston b*tch ass n*gga you had a clear shot on my face. You didn’t do shit. Sloppy a** n*gga. You got held back by one girl.
#GaryMichaelHouston you’re a b*tch. Point blank. I’ve never seen such a little short/fake person. First time for everything.
Gary unleashed his thoughts on Twitter also writing,

Gary Houston-Tweets-Nick Gordon Fight-The Jasmine Brand

Gary Houston-Tweets-Nick Gordon Fight-2-The Jasmine BrandGary Houston-Tweets-Nick Gordon Fight-2-The Jasmine Brand

Ouch! Its been no secret that the family hasn’t been fond of Nick since they began dating. The pair recently got married secretly in January. Meanwhile, Bobbi Kristina has stayed clear of addressing the altercation on Twitter.

(TMZ, Twitter)

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  • Anonymous

    Its really sad . . .

  • love

    Is all of this really worth it? This is sad.

  • Dee

    If Whitney wanted this for them and she would’ve approved then why didn’t they start dating when she was alive. Bobbi Kristina get off the drugs because this nigga is going to take your lil azz for a ride. Watch him spend all that money, that why he married her simply azz. Mrs. Cissy better step in quick because this girl is headed the same way her mom went . Say a prayer

    • DIVA

      So true @ Dee! You are so right on all that. smh

  • Anonymous

    Very sad yet expected. Whitney is probably turning in her grave. We knew the ish was going to hit the fan sooner or later. Especially now that BK is getting paid. Totally agree @Dee too! This lil girl is so lost.

  • kim

    I agree with the comment that if it was okay for them to be together,Why did they wait until Whitney’s passing.He sounds stupid.He says everyone got fake after Whitney passed.No,they didn’t like you then.They put up with you because of Whitney.Bobbi Kris is so pitiful,she probably confused his support when her mother died for love.He saw an opportunity and went for what he could get.He’s getting what he probably deserves.Yeah,people thought cause Whitney wore those gowns she wasn’t hood.The Houston’s lived in Jersey,they ain’t no joke.lol I think dude should look forward to more beat downs.

  • Cityboy

    Juicier than tomato juice…LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!!

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