[INTERVIEW] Isaiah Washington Returns to ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, Speaks On Relationship With Shonda Rhimes: ‘It’s all love.’

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Actor Isaiah Washington will return to the medical drama, Grey’s Anatomy, a medical drama produced by Shonda Rhimes (Scandal) and Betsy Beers.

Washington as his original role, Dr. Preston Burke, as a guest star for a May episode. Seven years ago, he was fired from the series following on-set clashes and anti-gay remarks directed at then-closeted co-star T.R. Knight.

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According to reports, he’ll return to say farewell to Sandra Oh, who played Cristina and was engaged to his character. Shonda said in a statement:

It’s important to me that Cristina’s journey unfolds exactly as it should. Burke is vital to that journey — he gives her story that full-circle moment we need to properly say goodbye to our beloved Cristina Yang.

In an October interview with THR celebrating the show’s 200th episode, Shonda said the aftermath of the Isaih controversy was a challenging time for her. She shared:

It was hard for me to write the show. Seasons four and five were difficult because I was in a dark place after the press frenzy that descended on us because of the [Washington and Knight situation and critical backlash to the stories]. In the beginning, it felt like such a magical place, and to discover that everyone isn’t who you thought they were is very unfortunate. Some awesome things did come out of it though. I found the Callie [Sara Ramirez] and Erica [Brooke Smith] relationship and Owen [Kevin McKidd, Oh’s most recent love interest] in there. There were things that were amazing because they pull you through. A lot of us joke that we have PTSD from that period of time — and we do.


Before the announcement of Isaiah’s return, theJasmineBRAND.com had an exclusive interview with the actor. When asked whether he missed Grey’s, he hinted:

You know what, I’m not gon’ speak on that. I saw Shonda recently and all I can say is, it’s all love. And that’s all I’m [going] to say on that.

He added that he is not upset with Shonda:

That’s my girl, she gon’ always be my girl. I don’t care what y’all say. You know, people forget; she fought for me, but I’m not expecting for her to give up a $10 million dollar check because people are mad. You know so, but that relationship is not over. It ain’t over.

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on ABC. A specific date for his guest turn has not yet been announced.


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  • Thee KO Show

    It was sad to see him go. I’m glad he’s returning in May. Good guy.

  • Candy

    Izzy and Alex were the best and with Usst not in the picture yes Jo is good for Alex and I like them together but that is ONLY bc Izzy isnt there. They are completely boring compared to Izzy and Alex. And for whoever said alex would chose Jo over Izzy I really dont think so. I have every seasonseason on DVD and I have watched each show a million times. U must not remember the chemistry between not only alex and izzy but J
    ustin and Katherine they had great chemistry! I love Izzy/katherine I really wish she hadn’t ticked Shonda off by saying all that she Said bc izzy was and is a true fan favorite I know a lot of my friends stopped watching greys bc of izzy. I had to force my sister to keep watching after Izzys departure. I really think that katherine was young and that Hollywood life can get to u and I think it got to katherine but I dont think it was unforgivable I really feel like she should b brought back if her new NBC show doesnt work out especially since she chose tobeing back Preston issac and his comments and mistakes were way worse.. what he did was something u cant really apologize for those were his feelings and rude beliefs. What he said was not like it was said bc of the fame or hollywood getting to him its almost unforgivable what katherine a aid I feel like was her getting a little bit of a big head and she obviously knows what mistakes she made and I feel like that can be something u could explain and forgive and change. Izzy needs to come back I guarantee ratings would JUMP like crazy and its just what alex and jos dry relationship needs is a little izzy. Plus her character had no ending and as a fan favorite we deserve to see her as a real dr and where she is now. If it wasnt for Shonda we wouldn’t have greys but if it wasnt for us loyal fans shonda wouldn’t have greys either. We want izzy back and I feel like there is story for her especially like I said with alex n jo it would be the new “mcdreamy dr. Montgomery-shepard Meredith” triangle. It would b amazing bc we really care about alex and we loved alex and izzy and now alex and jo have there own fan base that is y it is the perfect plot/story line. It is really what the show needs. I havent been excited about a relationship since the beginning of the series and there hasn’t been a love triangle that had meas devotd since the beginning. The reason it would be great is bc right now if u try to break up any relationship then its all gonna b one sided. April n avery meradith n Derek caley n Arizona alex n jo if any of those relationships get messed with we will all obviously root for them to get bk together n if there end up being any love triangles we will b all obviously rooting for all the couples I just mentioned its too obvious and one sided. IF IZZY CAME BACK RATINGS WOULD JUMP BC EVERYONE LOVES IZZY N ALEX AND ALEX AND JO HAVE A NEW FAN BASE it would b so NOT obvious and so debatable it would just be AMAZING!!!!!!! Greys needs a triangle that we care about and thats not one sided. Btw again I must say Alex would out of being a good guy deep down hed at first stay w jo but izzy has a power over him that he wouldn’t be able to resist hurting jo and ending up w izzy just as Derek did w maradith. Issy is the love of Alex’s life and she is who he and the show needs right now. Im telling u greys is still hot but hot w a lot of new watchers if izzy came back imagine how hot greys would b w all the original fans clinging back every week. Really.. were gonna bring Burk back when Christina leaves yes I think he is the best way to end het story but what I loves most a about burk was him and Christina so now what? Hes here alone? We forgive issac his sins (lol) or his hurtful bullying name calling to poor George and thats fine I think it takes a huge person and a good person to forgive someone I think it says alot about that person if they can forgive but its easy to forgive someone who said something about someoneeelse its takes a bigger and stronger person to forgive something that was more directed to u. I think shonda is obviously AMAZING and I love her story I think she is awesome and she identifies w her fans and she loves her fans but I think she will eventually and I pray she will eventually put her fans over her ego and BRING IZZY BACK come one girl do it for the fans the show the ratings and mos of all DO IT FOR ME I am ur BIGGEST FAN EVERRRRRR. AND GREYS BIGGEST FAN. ok now im talking like I am taking to Shonda lol. Ughhh just wish she forgive and forget and bring izzy BACK *tear. If u agree comment issy and Alex forever lol jk