Lil Mo Dedicates Man Crush Monday to New Boyfriend, Karl Dargan + Announces New Book Deal

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No need to speculate, when one spells it, answering the rumors. Over the weekend, we reported that R&B Divas LA break-out star, Lil Mo, had ended her relationship with husband Phillip Bryant. On Monday, the singer posted a Man Crush Monday (#MCM) Instagram post, expressing love for her new man, boxer Karl Dargan. Listing all of the characteristics that she loves about her new man, she shared a facetime photo of him, with the caption:

MCM. Aka my FACETIME!! When a hood n*gga LOVE you and allllll the ???? you come with and don’t JUDGE you. And don’t ASK nor try to EASE his way on YOUR SHOW and loves his MOMMY and his MOMMY loves YOU and his whole family LOVES you for YOU not the artist, you damn right I’ll give all this up for the LOVE. But he said DON’T give UP, just give US a try. Mannnnn listen. I’ll kill for this ONE here!! and the rest of MY story will be explained on season 2 of #rbdivasla and my EP “the scarlet letter” and my BOOK “the taming of LIL mo”. There. YOU. GO. Now double tap and show my n*gga some LOVE #boosiehome cc: @dynamiteko


A few days ago, she shared with us exclusively that her and her children were in a much better space, saying:

I can finally say that my children and I are VERY happy. And the tea will be spilled on season 2 of R&B Divas LA.

To date, Lil Mo hasn’t shared the specifics of what ended her marriage. According to what she’s shared on social media sites, her decision may have had something to do with her children and her ex’s involvement on the reality show.

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Phillip has remained pretty tight-lipped online, but tweeted the following message Monday morning:

When your going thru something and you wonder where GOD is… Always remember the TEACHER is always quiet during a test…

Whew! Sason two of R&B Divas LA seems like it’ll be full of entertainment. 

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  • love

    OK, not sure what the ex husband did..BUT she doesn’t know new dude like that. I’m sorry. It’s a little too much, too soon if you ask me.

  • Mighty Mouse

    i agree wit u love.. how can she love this new dude so fast. i bet next season is going to be #epic!

  • Anonymous

    a hot ghetto mess……he don’t want nothing but publicity…..she should know better than that…hood n**ga ok…you just got hoodwinked…..

    • North Philly

      I hear your point, but don’t make assumptions about things/people you know nothing about. Karl Dargan is already known, and doesn’t need the publicity of Lil’ Mo lol. He’s been around stars since he was a kid. He trains, and lives with Shane Mosley, His uncle and trainer is likely a Hall Of Famer (Nazeem Richardson). I’ve seen him hang out with the likes of Tank,Bernard Hopkins, Victor Ortiz, Danny Garcia, and I could name plenty more. All of these people are more relevant and have more money than Lil’ Mo. So if I didn’t know him personally I’d agree with you about it being a publicity stunt. Is the love real? I guess time will tell. But I know this dude, and he doesn’t need to pull a publicity stunt. He’s a future world champion boxer, Olympic Medalist, and already has major connections.

      • AlphaOmega

        I agree and i’ll add on that who’s to say they didn’t know each other prior to having a relationship? Being in entertainment/sports you meet a lot people, sometimes friends are potential partners lol

  • Shannon

    Lil mo have a seat….several actually. If her husband did her wrong good for her for moving on BUT is all this really necessary. We all seen this before…this dude probably just wants some publicity smh.

  • kim

    I don’t know the whole story.But,can you move on like that without a divorce.Why would you have your kids so involved with another man and the husband seems to have just exited the building.She needs to grow up and be a better example for those “girls”.She needs to start speaking like a mother should.

  • Anonymous

    amen !

  • Tee

    You all have good points. I agree 100%

  • NAT


  • Anonymous

    I may be speaking prematurely, but she seems to jump ship when problems arise unless he left her. This is her second marriage.

  • DIVA

    Wow that seems fast for her to be in love. Hmmmm….

  • Mika

    I agree with every comment. I just wish she would stop having a child with every hood ni%%a. It’s weird to me how people air their personal business on social media—I’m embarrassed for them—I’m over here cringing.

    • love

      lol! Me too. It’s like watching a car accident about to happen.

  • SassyIntrovert

    Its too soon even if it has been goin on longer than we know about. She’s grown but she is the mother of 4. Your mistakes interfere with their lives. I do wish her well but this guy looks like trouble.