Swizz Beatz’s Baby Mama Shares Why She Kept Their Daughter A Secret: I Didn’t Want To Be the Reason For His Divorce From Mashonda

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We’ve heard very little from Jahna Sebastian, the mother of Swizz Beatz’s (real name Kasseem Dean) 5-year-old daughter, Nicole. The London based singer’s daughter with the 35-year-old producer came to light a few years ago, surprising fans who only knew of his children with ex-wife Mashonda and current wife, Alicia Keys. Swizzy has four children (Egypt with Alicia Keys,  Nicole with Jahna, Prince with Nicole Levy and Kasseem with Mashonda). In an interview with Mara the Socialite, Jahna explains why she kept their child a secret. She explains:

I did not want the news about my pregnancy and my daughter’s birth to become the reason of his divorce [from Mashonda].. It wasn’t, because I kept it secret from most people and from the media, although I mentioned the name in my immigration case during that time when I was asked but demanded confidentiality from them.

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Swizz Beatz, Mashonda

On top of that I didn’t even want to have anything with a married man, but I had to put my pride aside to give my child a chance to have a relationship with her father, however it had to happen at the right time. I only reached out with official paperwork after I have found out that the divorce has already been filed for totally different reasons that had nothing to do with my child and I. I wanted to save my daughter from that kind of negativity, because children are innocent.

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Jahna, Daughter Nicole

During those two years until I reached out I had to deal with everything on my own without any child support and I was not entitled to any welfare at all either, those were hard times. I have never been on welfare anyway. Having a child in the UK does not give you the right to stay here or get British passport, you have to have other valid reasons to stay and prove that you can also contribute to the community, which I have done. If I didn’t fight for my immigration case at that time, Nicole would have also been deported to Russia. However, at least my daughter has nothing to do with the divorce and everybody was happy to find out about her.

Jahna also notes that Nicole sees her father regularly, stating that they see each other:

Three to four times a year on average. I have always supported their relationship. That was the initial reason I have reached out in the first place because a child deserves a chance to have a relationship with the father.

Click here to read the full interview.

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  • love

    THIS IS CRAZY!! Mashonda should be sitting somewhere thanking her lucky stars that Swizz is now somebody elses problem! Many of these industry guys are nasty. No protection and doing it to any chick walking. Ain’t no “lavish lifestyle” worth this MESS!

    • love

      Hold up, hold up! Didn’t Swizz and Alicia get married 4 years ago?…and this baby is 5? So while he was cheating on his main chick, he had two side chicks…THAT WE KNOW OF BECAUSE THE BABY IS PROOF…and Alicia still married him? **side eye**

  • jus’sayin

    Deez N####s aint loyal! Messy Mutha’s and the women who love them!!

  • kim

    She’s full of mess.Her child was no secret.This young lady and her child were spoken of by Mashonda

  • Anonymous

    How can she say she wasn’t the reason for their divorce. She damn sure was one of the reasons. Lesson of the day: When a side piece sleeps with a main chicks husband, that is grounds for divorce.

  • Anonymous

    A man can’t do anything unless a women allows it!!!! Like love said no lavish lifestyle is worth the mess!!!!

  • Ebony

    Im confused, did she say he only sees his daughter three to four times a year?

  • creolemommie

    WAIT…she used the term regular in conjunction with three to four times a year….first off to see your child that not regular….and why the heck is it on three to four times a year come on Swiss….Mashonda really won cause this dude here….SMH

    • creolemommie

      PS….she’s a cutie patootie!!! That mama of her talking about nothing to do with a married man…YOU HAD A BABY BY A MARRIED MAN, RITE? #BYEFELICIA

  • SimoniaMeChelle

    That’s a beautiful child & child support is owed to her as well. A child is innocent & Alicia & Swizz also owes Nashonnda from that divorce then. That’s way crazy. . .if his ex wife goes back & sue him

  • karen

    Alicia and Swizz owe Mashonda absolutely nothing. The child support he pays is plenty, I’m sure. And, no one is saying the child shouldn’t get child support but I don’t blame him for getting a paternity test first. I mean she didn’t even tell anyone including him about the child for a few year. Of course I’d get a paternity test before dishing out $$$$$$, even though she looks just like him. And wasn’t it nice of Ms Jahna to wait until someone else could take the blame for his infedility before she admitted he was also the father of her child that he didn’t even know about. I feel she is not as innocent as she would like everyone to believe.