[VIDEO] Kenya Moore Confronts Apollo + Watch Real Housewives of Atlanta Episode 18

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The entertainment continued Sunday night (March 16) on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. While there was a bit of drama, towards the end of the episode, the Mexico Couples Vacation hosted by Kenya Moore, seems to be going much better than NeNe Leakes’Pillow Talk‘ party. One of the softer moments revolved around Kenya taking Kandi Burruss, Cynthia Bailey and NeNe along for a trip with some spiritual fertility specialists.

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The episode heightened, toward the end when Kenya and Apollo, Phaedra’s husband, finally had an on-camera conversation about their lingering issues. In short, since the end of last season, Kenya had been accused of inappropriately texting a very married Apollo (not to mention Apollo suggesting that had he wanted to, he could have been intimate with the Gone With the Wind Fabulous star).

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During the course, no resolution or admittance of guilt seemed to take place. Anywho, check out episode 18 below.

P.S. After watching this conversation, whose more guilty–Apollo or Kenya? 

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  • kim

    I wonder if their little side conversation was staged.But,anyway Kenya acts like she is attracted to Apollo.While I’m not a man I understood where Apollo was coming from.Porsha number two acted like she couldn’t understand what he was saying.What I understood him saying was from a man’s prospective He felt like he could get it if he wanted it.And yes I do agree with him,she makes it very obvious that she is attracted to him.And he can tell that she is attracted to him.I just feel like Kenya thinks that she looks better than Phaedra.She thinks that Apollo and her would be an attractive couple.She is just so wrong.

  • vapariga

    I think they’re both guilty. These two have a thing for each other in the worse way but both are afraid of Ms. Phaedra! Apollo looked like he saw a ghost when she popped in! LOL…and Kenya is a snake. She couldn’t wait to have a moment with Apollo and just like a drooling man, he fell for it even though the other guys tried to save his behind. I also noticed that every chance he had, he was breaking his neck to check out Kenya’s ass or body. Smh…Phaedra looks like she ready to pop off on somebody. Next episode looks like its going to be very interesting.

  • Cityboy

    Now pass me that Gin…bloop!!