Erica Campbell Hints That ‘Someone’ Cheated In Her Marriage Too

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Mary, Mary’s Erica and Tina Campbell have revealed a lot this year. Last year, Tina revealed that her husband Teddy had an extramarital affair during an interview with Ebony Magazine, which we are watching play out during this season’s ‘Mary, Mary’. Sister Erica has been promoting her first solo album, ‘Help’ and recently revealed that their was also infidelity in her marriage.

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She explained,

I really understood what she was talking about. A lot of people always assume that it was him. You don’t know who it is. That’s something that’s between me and [husband] Warryn [Campbell]. Most people assume that it’s always the guy. That’s not always the case.

She also discussed telling her sister about pursuing a solo career and not performing secular music.

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Peep the excerpts below.

Revealing her solo plans to her sister Tina: 

I had a little anxiety. … I had to kind of explain to her that you can’t have both. You can’t tell me I’m not working or doing anything and expect me to just sit and wait until you’re ready. I’m a creative person. I’m a grown woman with a family. I love what I do. So I’m just going to keep it moving.

It wasn’t good, initially. And it got worse before it got better, because I think in addition to what she was going through at home, it just felt like everything is departing from her. But that’s not what it was. … She’s so supportive now. We are real sisters that are committed to being honest with each other. And no, Mary Mary is not broken up.

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On not recording secular music:

 I don’t break out of gospel. I take gospel into unorthodox arenas, which Mary Mary is about. We’ve worked with Beyonce and Destiny’s Child on the first record and it was a gospel song. At that time, most of our shows were with Lil’ Kim and Snoop Dogg. We would be in places where Sisqo went on singing ‘Thong Song,’ and then I came onstage singing ‘Shackles’ after that, and the audience stood on their feet with their hands in the air. … I’m not an R&B artist. I’m not an R&B singer.

Erica’s debut album, ‘Help‘ will be in stores March 25th.

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  • m&m

    She can try the bait and switch all she wants, we all know when she dropped that hint on last episode of Mary Mary, we knew she was talking about her husband. His personality on the show is so zero tolerance and brash I know good and well he would NOT stand for a cheating wife. PLEASE, nothing about his character says he would stand for that- Christian or not. It’s just he caught wind of her dropping that hint, and now she has to back pedal.

    • DIVA

      I TOTALLY AGREE!! You hit it on the nail. I couldn’t have said it best. She is just trying to save him now. These Campbell girls are really killing me now. First Tina say she take “full responsibility” for Teddy cheating and now Erica trying to switch it and pretty much say she is the one that cheated…wow…if they want to stay with these men just stay but STOP trying to help these men not look bad. They cheated and it is what it is. Let the men step up and say they made a mistake but I want to work it out with my wife and at this time I prefer to do this in privacy…case closed because the more and more Tina & Erica talk it makes me sick to the stomach because they are not as strong as they act. They are really weak when it comes to men and that’s why both men cheated because they know what type of women they are.

      • NAT

        I couldnt have said it better myself!

  • Anonymous

    If Erica husband cheated or vice versa at the end of the day that’s Erica and Warren Campbell. Now Tina I have never been through your stituation

  • Tuwanda Kendall-Malone

    Tina I have never been in your position and I hope I never do but I feel your pain. I see your pain. Your a beautiful person and don’t ever forget that. GOD never gives you more than you can handle and I know more easier said than done. Forgive Teddy for yourself and see how you feel but only when your ready. Now Erica, personally I don’t like how your husband speaks to you but that’s your husband and marriage. I love the song “I need just a little more Jesus” beautiful song. God Bless

    • picola

      There is no need to CHEAT period!! I don’t understand how a woman can stay and lay with a man that does that?? I been there and done that!! & I rather be alone, and lose it all. As nd I did and God brought someone that truly loves me into my life, that I married! ! He don’t lie to me, cheat on me, or beat me!! Adultery is a DEAL BREAKER and in God’s Eye, u can divorce! ! I don’t like sharing my Toys/MAN bc God gave him to me! & We said those vows before God!! I am his Lover, I am his friend, I am the Just Kicking homegirl!!! U can FORGIVE but not be as one!! I just don’t understand the things WOMEN will accept for the sake of Love???

  • Anonymous

    God will judge, not people. We are suppose to love and forgive. You can’t run all the time. When your children mess up you don’t throw them away you forgive them. If people are not physical harming you then you need to try to work it out. How do you know if that’s your test God have given you to see if you can pass. God test us to see our strength. God will not put no more on you than you can handle…

  • Anonymous

    Infidelity has been going on back in the Bible days. Read about David. David had his mistress husband killed and had a baby by her. This is something that will never end. Unless, women stop letting men into their beds. (Not all women) only referring to the women that use their bodies instead of their brain. Women have the control. Men are weak when it come to women. Women can make men do whatever we want them to do. Please go back and look a t the history. A men can be on top of his game and a women will make him fall to his knees. ????