Ludacris Loses Child Support Battle, Find Out How Much He’s Ordered To Pay Tamika Fuller!

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ludacris-ordered to pay baby mama child support-the jasmine brand
Ludacris has been ordered to pay up. Last year, fans were shocked when news broke that the 36-year-old rapper (born Christopher Bridges) was the father to a newborn Cai Bella, with former girlfriend Tamika Fuller. In January, the 36-year-old rapper requested a Georgia judge cap his child support liabilities to a maximum of $1,800 a month, blaming the stalled production of “Fast & Furious 7,” which has been on hold since the death of star Paul Walker in November, for affecting his finances.

Ludacris and Tamika Fuller

Reportedly, he  been ordered to pay $7,000-a-month to the mother of his baby daughter, after attempting to plead poverty to limit the amount of child support he would have to pay. The order was temporary until all the financial documents were reviewed. Cut to present day and Luda alledgedly has to pay up big time. According to Baller Alert,

An Atlanta Judge today ordered rapper Chris “Ludacris” Bridges to pay his baby mama a whopping $10,000 a month in child support for his 3-month-old daughter, Cai Bella Bridges. Tamika Fuller was granted primary custody of the infant, but Ludacris will get “supervised” visitations. It isn’t clear why Luda’s visitations must be supervised when he had joint physical custody of Cai just last month.

Yikes! Ludacris has yet to respond publicly to the reports just yet, but he and longtime girlfriend Euxodie are starting a new chapter together by moving in together. Via Instagram, she posted the pic below with the caption,

I can’t wait for this new chapter of seeing your face every morning. Count down begins now!!!!????#nomorephonesex #nomorebreakingbackforsexypics #sorryTMI ????????????

Ludacris and Eudoxiee Move In Together-The Jasmine Brand

The pair have been dating for more than five years and were on a break when he fathered a child with Tamika. Filming has resumed on ‘Fast and Furious 7’ and will be released in April 2015.

(Baller Alert, Instagram)

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  • DIVA

    Yessssss I am so glad the judge sided with Tamika & the child. Luda had no business trying to get over in the first place that is why he came out having to pay more. When you try to do evil things God will turn it around for good on the other person behalf. He was even trying to take the baby…smh. He knew he was the father so he should have wanted his child to live a good life like him. He tried to pay $1,800 saying he didn’t have that much income. Numbers don’t lie…he should have stuck with the $7,000 now he has to pay $3,000 more…wow…that judge is the bomb.

  • vapariga

    @ DIVA… amen! I so agree. And check out that fabulous house. $1,800 mo./right! smh, these damn men.

    • kim

      I agree 100 percent! I’m glad the judge ordered supervised visits,since you want to try to take her baby away from her.The house is nice,but everybody in Atlanta has those dining room chairs.I have the white ones.lol

  • Shannon

    HAHAHA thats what he gets. Good for her.

  • Anonymous

    A break!!!! These women and these menthat say they want a break. Men don’t take breaks ever!!! They just break to be with the side piece.

  • Thee KO Show

    I’m not hear to bash anyone, Luda or the responses to the verdict BUT

    1. Yeah he should’ve known better than to involve yourself with someone else break or no break without a condom not knowing where it was going to go.

    2. The child is innocent. Work things out with the mom and things would have been better financially for both parties.

    3. According to 2 Chainz, Luda is a shrewd business man so this is his karma coming back I guess?

    4. Take this as a lesson learned be mindful who you sleep with. Sex is great but if you’re not ready for the responsibilities that comes with it strap up or fall back.

  • Anonymous

    LMFAO talking about he only made $55,000.00 last year. The judge called his bluff and then added 3 stacks, thats what his lying *ss get.

  • Anonymous

    Child support is a scam. I’m thinking if she felt like she couldn’t afford the kid on her own (not that she has too) then don’t have it. Women are trying to get over on dads like child support is the new wellfare. Why would a baby need 7 grand a month. The mom needs to go get a job and stop being a lazy …..

    • toya51

      First off the Mother doesn’t determine what he has to pay. Secondly, he shouldn’t have been dipping without using protection. Thirdly, I can’t stand for people to call another woman lazy forgoing thru the system to make a man take care of his responsibility when he has the means to do so. The child may not need that amount but it is what it is. MMaybe if the judges start making more examples out of this deadbeats they will start thinking with they’re brains vs with they’re dicks.

      • anonymous

        @toya 51 – LIKE

      • Slimm

        Well Said

    • SK

      10,000 / month???? That’s Ludacris…..

  • Good Luck Ludacris

  • Susan

    I agree with Anonymous that child support, unfortunately, has become a system that’s abused by even the most well-meaning of gold diggers. But like Toya51 said, if more men understood that, especially the ones with lots of $$$ and lots to lose, then maybe they’d behave more responsibly and wrap it up. Of course, if Luda was thinking with his little head then what was Tamika thinking with? She knew this man was not available. She knew there was no “official” future with him. She is just as responsible as he is for being irresponsible. Now she has brought another child into the world to be traumatized by hapless baby mama drama. Don’t believe me? Take a good long look at the pic posted by Eudoxie. She could care less what y’all think of her dining room chairs. She posted that for Tamika’s benefit – to shut shit down. To let her know that she is number one, kissing on Luda, moving in officially and that she is the one to be reckoned with. She can easily influence how much of a father Luda decides to be to this child and if u don’t believe that then you ain’t lived long enough.

    • Dammit Susan, you better say it!!! These women are out here on something special thinking they’re gonna have these cash babies and sit home free. Luda is a REAL NIKKA…and has stalled her out and fought back and now has taken full custody of their child. Damn….I feel bad for old girl, but if more of this was happening, I bet these baby mommas will be more careful about who they decide to bring babies in this world with. I could almost bet that if they took child support out of the element, there would be less single women having babies. Now, don’t get me wrong, i think both parties are responsible for taking care of a child they laid with, but at the same time. I HOLD THE WOMAN TOTALLY RESPONSIBLE for making the decision to bring the child here. It’s unfortunate, but at the end of the day, we decide. Ms. Tamika messed up big time…..

  • Atlanta Girl

    Child support is the new welfare for these hoes…lol Trust I know!!! Its not about the kid. Its about that check!!