ATL Husbands Bring Claws Out! Peter Thomas & Greg Leakes Argue On Twitter + Watch Full RHOA Episode

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greg leakes-confronts peter thomas-real housewives of atlanta-the jasmine brandJust when we thought the drama couldn’t get more entertaining, the hubbies stepped up providing some interesting conflict on BRAVO’s Real Housewives of Atlanta. In short, episode 24 ended with a face-to-face confrontation between NeNe Leakes’ husband, Greg and Cynthia Bailey’s husband, Peter Thomas. Their argument seemed to be over Peter approaching NeNe, a few episodes back, at Kenya Moore’s masquerade ball. During the episode the cast tweeted their commentary. Greg writes that he was simply defending his wife:

Real Talk. I addressed Peter about a previous situation, as I should have. If he feels he needs to address me, he will. Right or wrong. so u know America, I did have convo with my wife as I should. Situations elevate quicker than thoughts sometime. Respecting all opinions. ! As I said earlier, I do respect your opinions. But can’t u understand mine at the same time.? That was hard 4 ME. ! I defended my wife. Point blank.! Everyman would do the same. I chose a more apporiate time & place. Not at the event. I hear yall.!

nene leakes-confronts-peter thomas-the jasmine brand

Peter questions who ‘approached who’ in his argument with NeNe and adds that he refuses to back down from Gregg, writing:

Here he go! He’s been walking around with all this pinned up aggression for how long now? And dead wrong. Who walked up on who? #RHOA…Ain’t nothin going to change…..never backing down…..If a man step to my wife,please know this,the ass wiping is coming that moment,not months later … But on the real,I didn’t step to that woman,she walk up to me and ask a question,all I did, was answer it


Peter also notes that he doesn’t need his wife, Cynthia to become involved in his battles:

My wife is a lady,she don’t talk like that,I am a big boy,these MF can’t fuck with me,I got this … I don’t need my wife to fight for me,EVER!!

nene leakes-confronts kandi burruss-the jasmine brand

While NeNe didn’t comment on the altercation, Cynthia did share her displeasure with NeNe calling Peter a ‘b*tch’. She writes:

I don’t call my friends or their husbands bitches. To each it’s own but thats not what I do #respect #mychoice

Watch the full episode.

P.S. Whose side were you on, Greg or Peter’s? And was Cynthia right or wrong for not intervening in their disagreement? 

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  • Anonymous

    I’m getting so tired of this show.These fake talk sessions to so call clear the air.There so fake,nobody admits anything.They just argue and name call during a festive vacation.Yeah right!I’m done.

  • vapariga

    Ok, so they are obviously trying to keep things “interesting” on this show since all of the story lines are starting to get old. That really looked staged! Whether that’s the case or not, I have to side w/Peter on this one. 1) Greg definitely should’ve approached him months ago when it first happened if he felt that way and 2) Greg needs to check his wife…NeNe jumped in Peter’s face the first time and again on this episode & told Greg “I got this”. But yet she says Peter is all up in a woman’s face when she is acting like the man getting all up in his?! smh… Also, Cynthia should’ve checked her girl for coming at her husband.

  • Razzi

    This is the first time Ive watched a whole episode this season and I was reminded why I stopped watching. The whole show is just in bad taste now. The Greg & Peter situation was way too much and then Nene calling Peter a B was the icing on the cake. Tasteless. Period. That isnt bad editing. That is what she said. Cynthia shouldve said something or tried to calm things down. But, with Greg knowing the type of mouth that Nene has, he shouldnt even step to anyone about how they talked to his wife. He cant fight the battles that she brings upon herself.

  • love

    – Nene needs to stopping stepping to Peter like she’s a man
    – Cynthia needs to check Nene
    – Greg needs to have a seat, AFTER he checks Nene for stepping to men


    The show is definitely losing it’s luster! Close the curtains after reunion.
    Peter yes gets in the women’s business but Nene stepped to Peter first at the charity event! She tried to make Kenya look bad but really made herself look worse! Peter called her out and Ms. Actress was not having it

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