Beyoncé’s Baby Brother Headed To A Homeless Shelter?

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Things aren’t looking so good for Nixon Wright, the youngest half sibling of Beyonce Knowles. According to In Touch, Nixon’s mother, Alexsandra Wright (who has a 4-year-old child with Beyonce’s father, Mathew Knowles) and her son are struggling so much that it appears they’ll be moving into a shelter.

Alexsandra told the outlet that no one in the Knowles camp has offered any assistance:

Nixon deserves to know his family, and I hope one day he will meet his sister Beyoncé. I can’t imagine how Beyoncé feels knowing she has a homeless brother. I know if I were in the same position, I would reach out. Maybe she is too busy.

On March 3, a judge ruled that because Mathew lost his gig as his Bey’s manager in 2011, his child support payments should be retroactively reduced, from $12,000 to $2,400 per month. Reportedly, it won’t be until another two years until he has to make another payment.

beyonce brother-nixon wright-homeless shelter-alexsandra wright-the jasmine brand

In February, Alexsandra opened up about her 18-month affair with Mathew, while he was still married to Beyonce’s mother, Tina, telling Inside Edition:

More than anything I respected him as a friend and a colleague and more than anything our relationship grew out of that.

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Reportedly, Nixon rarely sees his father and due to his delay in support she’s filed for public assistance.  She continues: 

You’ve seen him more then he has—More than anything he raised two children and was very active in their lives and they turned out very well. So why he’s choosing to not acknowledge his only son, I don’t know. It’s disappointing and also what’s disappointing is that I’m the only parent taking responsibility at this point.

To date, neither Beyonce or Solange have publicly commented on Nixon or these reports. P.S. Should Beyonce or Solange intervene or allow their father to handle this situation on his own?  

[In Touch

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  • Anonymous

    Why the hell can’t these damn women get jobs. This push to come up off someone else is getting old. There are plenty of single moms doing the damn thing. These women get with dudes with a little cash and sit on their asses like they can’t work. I don’t get it. If it comes down to me and my baby’s survival I grind to make sure that we’re okay.

    • NAT


  • DIVA

    Did he ever make any of the $12,000 per month payments? Well he had to if they are saying he won’t have to pay again until after 2yrs. So I guess I answered my on question. What in the hell did she do with that money. I know it doesn’t take $12,000 a month to live. WOW…this is very interesting. She should get her a job. I hope this makes her think about what her and Matthew did. She messed with a married man that is why you are in this situation…have you ever heard of you reap what you sow. This is all strange a homeless shelter. ijs

    • QleanQlassy

      @@…yes he did give her money for four year 144k per year for this child = 576k (half a million) CASH…it was dropped due to overpayment from the father ….no comment on that people

  • Sweet Pea

    This aint Bey, Tina or Solanges problem therefore its no need to coomment on something they’re not involved in. She opened her legs to matthew, not them. Sounds like she wants attention. Get a job chick.

  • Mrs.Vee

    I have one question why all the blogs say Beyoncé’s brother ? Why doesn’t It have a title that says what it is

  • Mrs.Vee

    Matthew Knowles Outside Child!

  • Mrs.Vee

    The poor baby who’s innocent in all of this represents a very real hurt for the family I’m sure; clearly this is Matthews problem he is the one who slept with this woman.

  • kim

    This is not a dig at you Jasmine(honestly):).Why is the media putting Beyonce in this.Clearly to make it gossip.This has nothing to do with her.That’s her father’s son and his side chick.The story should read”Matthew Knowles ex-girlfriend and their son are possibly heading to a shelter”.And why is this even a story?She’s not a celebrity and neither is he really.

  • vapariga

    First of all, shame on the Mom & WTH is wrong with her? Why has it even come to this? If the man isn’t paying her, that shouldn’t dictate her way of life. She has a responsibility regardless and needs to go on in life as if she didn’t meet Matthew Knowles. If or when the $ comes through later, then great. But as a Mom, you do what you gotta do. Smh, once again weak/dumb women who relied on a payday because she “thought”she hit the jackpot and karma slapped the hell out of her! Don’t get me wrong, he should definitely man up to his responsibilities but in the meantime she needs to get it together. AND leave Beyonce’ and them out of this hot mess!

    • QleanQlassy

      @@…yes he did give her money for four yearssss 144k per year for this child = 576k (half a million) CASH…it was dropped due to overpayment from the father ….nowww comment on that fact ladies (homeless shelter yeah righttttt)

  • B0SS

    If she don’t get a JOB! You thought you hit the jackpot.. you lost! Now deal with it!

  • Anonymous

    Sleeping with a Married man. I don’t feel sorry for her, Now the sweet lil boy who will grow up one-day to find out his mom had him in hopes of cashing out with a married man, Well, I kinda feel sorry for him….& what do she mean Beyonce MUST BE BUSY, umm duhh she is but cleary she isnt BUSY having babies for MARRIED MEN!!!

  • DINO

    SMH @ this broad she’s STILL at it. She’s so fulla SHT. Sideline H0, first she said some bullsht about not expecting anything from Beyonce or Jay-Z & how Bey/Jay never said anything outta line to her, NOW she’s talking mess about how “Nixon deserves to know his family & blah blah blah” & how “Beyoncé must be too busy to meet her little brother”. The way she words it sounds like she’s tryna put somebody on a guilt trip. Well I don’t know how DUMB this btich is to expect ANY kind of acknowledgement – let alone A DIME – from Beyoncé when THIS WH(0)RE is the cause for her Mom getting HURT & her parents to finally get a divorce. In the process a baby was born while THIS BTICH KNEW THE ENTIRE TIME THAT MR. KNOWLES WAS A MARRIED MAN but she chose to c0-ck her legs open & carry on & fcuk the man AND have his baby. Originally, this btich thought she hit the jackpot in Mr. Knowles & that’s why she did what she did – now that she AINT GETTING A DIME from the man, she resorted to putting her business with Mr. Knowles out to the media, with HOPES of “getting help” (i.e., A BIG PAYCHECK & POSSIBLY SOME MORE MONEY FROM BEYONCE AND/OR JAY-Z) – but not only did she get NONE OF THE ABOVE, THE JUDGE LOWERED THOSE MONTHLY PAYMENTS SIGNIFICANTLY & now this Jezebel is only getting some $2,500/month. GOOD FOR HER. Serves her right for trying to be SLICK. NOW, she’s hollerin’ out about the lil boy “meeting his family”, but that little boy WAS NEVER WELCOMED IN THE FIRST PLACE. If she’s getting $2,500 a month, why are they in a shelter??? AND, THIS BTICH NEEDS TO GET OFF HER AZZ, QUIT CRYING OUT TO THE MEDIA & TRYING TO MAKE SOMEBODY FEEL GUILTY FOR HER OWN BULLSHT & GO GET A FCUKING JOB & HANDLE HER BUSINESS. Because if it wasn’t clear before, it should be clear NOW THAT NOBODY GIVES A FLYING FCUK ABOUT HER OR HER BASTARD BABY.

    • DINO

      There are pics of this btich & her lil baby heading to a shelter. She’s looking all DEVASTATED & what not – man please – THIS BTICH IS BEING MANIPULATIVE – there are women out here who are taking care of 3 and 4 kids ALL ON THEIR OWN, WTF is wrong with HER??? Any woman reading her story would get mad bcz A BABY IS INVOLVED – this btich is sitting on a STEP with her FACE in her hands “fake crying” while HER LITTLE BABY consoles her — WTF is THAT??? That lil boy got MORE DIGNITY than SHE does – She needs Beyoncé or some n!99a to help her take care of her own lil boy??? She’s so fulla SHT & she’s a SICKENING H0, bcz SHE’S TAKING THAT BABY THRU ALOTTA STRIFE AT SUCH A YOUNG AGE – man ON INSTINCT a woman is supposed to GET THE FCUK UP & HANDLE HER BIZ & MAKE SURE HER SEED IS FED & SHELTERED, this btich is RUNNING TO TABLOIDS TRYNA GET SYMPATHY & BEGGING FOR BEYONCE’S ATTENTION & MONEY. Let’s not forget either that AT ONE POINT SHE WAS GETTING $12,000 a MONTH for THREE FCUKING YEARS!!!! That’s dmn there A HALF MILLION DOLLARS!!! WTF did she DO with all that money that NOW she’s going to a SHELTER??? Just goes to show you SHE WAS NOT SPENDING THAT MONEY ON HER CHILD. All that money she should be doing JUST FINE right now – this btich is FULLA SHT & SHE MAKES ME GOTDMN SICK.

  • DINO

    …. and it’s so funny how BEYONCE’S NAME is PASTED all over this bullsht when BEYONCE didn’t do a dmn thing to bring that boy here. Beyoncé has NOTHING to do with this nor does Solange. I just wish THIS BTICH would STOP going to the fcuking tabloids with her business with her INDIRECT ATTEMPTS TO GET MONEY FROM “SOMEBODY” “ANYBODY” in the Knowles family by putting her personal biz with Mr. Knowles on blast. Nobody feels sorry for this btich & if she was SINCERE & a real btich about hers, we wouldn’t even be reading about this sideline HO – she’s be HANDLING HER BUSINESS & MIGHT NOT HAD’VE FCUKED WITH A MARRIED MAN IN THE FIRST PLACE. I cant STAND btiches like her – she’s looking for some financial HELP when nobody gives a dmn. Mr. Knowles OBVIOUSLY doesn’t care he most likely wants her to GO AWAY – see, this is what happens when you are on the SIDELINES – I just WISH she’d leave Beyoncé OUTTA THIS bcz next thing you know everybody’s gonna be BLAMING BEYONCE FOR THIS BTICH LIVING IN A SHELTER!!! GET A FCUKING JOB BTICH!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Let’s see if I got this right. You had an 18 month affair with a married man. Had a baby. After the paternity test he had to pay $12,000/month up until a few months ago when the child support changed to $2,400/month. The child is now 4/5 years old. Now you’re going to live at a homeless shelter. You blame Beyonce. Hahahahaha. Didn’t she once say she was financially stable from having a career as a working actress? Didn’t she also say this child isn’t Beyonce’s responsibility? Didn’t her brother throw shade at the Knowles family for not helping his sister? Why isn’t her own flesh and blood helping her out? If Matthew Knowles is a deadbeat dad, why did she give her son his last name? Are those eyelash implants she has on? Isn’t she selling this story in exchange for money? Here’s what happened. She had this child thinking it would get her closer to Beyonce (she never once mentions Solange) and thought since her son had the same last name as Beyonce, that would be her ticket in to the lavish life style that she leads. This woman should be ashamed on herself. The single mothers I knew wasn’t given about $500,000 total in child support payments. They worked three jobs and didn’t spend their time complaining about why a celebrity won’t buy them a house. Start acting like a strong single mother instead of a groupie.

    • DINO

      Hollaaaa!! LOL
      This idiot had about a HALF A MIL. Up until a few months ago now she’s due to get $2400-$2500 and SHE’S GOING TO A SHELTER????
      WHY??? It doesn’t add up …..

  • m&m

    If he paid that far in advance, that he doesn’t have to pay for a couple years, how did she blow that much money so fast? You slept with a married man, and used an innocent child as a pawn. #KARMA

  • QleanQlassy

    @@…yes he did give her money for four yearssss 144k per year for this child = 576k (half a million) CASH…it was dropped due to overpayment from the father ….nowww comment on that fact ladies (homeless shelter yeah righttttt)

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