[Photos] Reality Star Mimi Faust & Boyfriend Sell Sex Tape: ‘Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta’

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As previously reported, there’s an alleged sex tape floating around of a Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reality star. Mimi Faust and her boyfriend, Nikko have taken their love to film. Confirmation of their new sex tape leaked months ago and now there’s evidence. Photos have been released and the ATL couple get hot and heavy. Steve Hirsh of Vivid, confirmed with TMZ that the sex tape was signed off by the couple AND produces of Love & Hip Hop. The actual tape is set to be released later this month.

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Mimi nor Nikko have confirmed their involvement as of yet, but the ordeal is absolutely part of the upcoming LHHA season. We’re told that Stevie J, the father of Mimi’s daughter, is FUMING about the entire ordeal. Reality stars leaking or releasing sex tapes are nothing new.

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As you know, Kim Kardashian’s tape with Ray J assisted in launching her career. What are your thoughts — great marketing tactics or bad idea? [TMZ, Vivid]

–> Watch the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Super Trailer! 

  • love

    What in the worrrlld??? Mimi has some SERIOUS DEEP ISSUES!!

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  • kim

    What makes them think we want to see them having sex?She is so easily lead,it’s obvious that he’s into the camera.She seems like she’s into him.What an example for her daughter.She could mess around and be labeled an unfit mother.Stevie needs to shut his mouth.He just mad because him and Joseline didn’t think of it first.lol

  • Cityboy

    Can’t wait!! Yet another juicy MESS!!

  • Anonymous

    This is totally disgusting!!!! I thought mimi had more sense. This tv show has really changed her.