Jackie Christie Reveals Basketball Wives LA Reunion Show Brawl Details, Says Sundy Carter’s Boyfriend Got Physical With Castmate Brandi & Camera Crew Got Hit

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Jackie-Let-Me-Go-1398367587 Sundy-Shoes1-1398365734 Apparently, there was wayyyyyy more that wasn’t shown last night during the Basketball Wives LA Reunion. According to veteran cast mate Jackie Christie, much of what happened wasn’t shown. She claims that family members from some of the cast hopped on stage. She also notes that Sundy Carter hit Brandi Maxiell in the face with her shoe. The VH1 star also confirms reports that Sundy’s boyfriend got physical with Brandi. In an interview with The Scoop With the Hip Hop Socialite, she explains:

The reunion was bananas! When I say bananas…I haven’t been in an all out riot in 20 years. I couldn’t believe it! First of all, I was sitting there the whole time keeping my composure and trying to make sure that everybody was getting their point across and nobody got out of line. Me being the matriarch and the leader of the show, I’m trying to lead by example. Well, they [Brandi and Sundy] jumped up, and the next thing you know, I’m taking my shoes off to run and get in the middle. Not to fight necessarily, but if need be, I’m going to grab them in a chokehold, that’s what I am going to do. So when all the ruckus started happening, the audience actually ran down on to the stage – it was bizarre. British takes off running to the right, everybody else crashes the stage. I mean they just came from everywhere! They were running from up under bleachers; they were running everywhere.

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  • OrganizedChaos

    This is pure ignorance! All of these “ladies” (termed used lightly) are way too old for this mess! Jackie sounds like a wild animal like she is excited that people resulted to fighting smh! glad i didnt watch much of this season.

    • Jackie needs medical attention. She’s a dumb bitch. Doug,,,,run you idiot. You can’t possibly be stupid enough to think she’s a normal female. Your the only idiot willing to hang in. Your husband number 3 or 4. Save yourself brother.

  • love

    I love how Jackie loves to wrap everything up in a bow to make is sound like she was the peace maker and was letting everyone speak. She is soooo full of it!

    She really has some serious mental issues. It’s sad to see her on TV.

  • PrettyPearl

    Really Jackie?! I watched the entire show and although I was clearly not there, the camera showed her not doing anything but jumping around as NO ONE physically held her back! They had their arms up trying to “stop” her from going any further, which we all know wouldn’t have happened! What I don’t understand is how this was even possible in the first place! Like since when are reality show reunions turning into family reunions? Why weren’t there unbiased, actual fans of the show instead of family members there? (smh) There is no way that anyone, in my opinion, can compare RHOA to Basketball Wives because these “women” thrive on bringing drama, praise being mistresses or jump offs & belittle cancer patients who are clearly just sticking up for themselves! Smh I LOVE Shaunie O’Neal & respect her hustle but this may be time to let this cash cow go! SN: Thanks Draya for not getting into this craziness! Someone has to have some sense!

  • How sad. Where do u get a Jackie and Sunday from. Ignorant. Shame on shaunie.

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