[VIDEO] Porsha Williams Visits ‘The View’, Says Kenya Moore’s Scepter Was A ‘Weapon’

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Porsha Williams is speaking out, sharing her side on the brawl that took place on the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion show. The Flatline singer, who made headlines for her attack on cast mate Kenya Moore, visited The View for an opportunity to defend herself.  When asked, what was it about that moment that made her go to the physical side, she told the panel:

Yeah and a good example of that is last season. You know, I went to the reunion. And at that time, I was going through a divorce…And you know, all of the pressure that we normally go through…it was there…She was provoking me then…And then this season, the only difference is that she had these weapons, what I call, she calls ‘props’…And that’s really the difference…

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Porsh confirms that she’s been charged with simple battery explaining:

Just like everybody else who gets charged with something like that, I have to go to court…Umm, you know it’s very unfortunate.

Both she and her team are contemplating on if she should counter-sue Kenya:

You know, my attorney and I, we’re talking about that…because the scepter

that she had was super heavy. It was metal.

She ended by saying that Kenya had been bullying her since her first season on the show and while she expects drama, this is more than what she bargained for:

I didn’t know that I was signing up on the job to get a mug shot or to be bullied to that level. This woman has bullied me from day one.

NeNe Leakes, who also made a brief appearance with her Dancing With the Stars partner, also defended Porsha’s actions. Watch the clip below.

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  • chunky py

    im not understanding why nobody is talking about the fact that Kenya’s ass was provoking and taunting Porsha the whole time. You see she didnt do all that to Phadrae and futhermore I blame RHOA producers for allowing Kenya to bring that bullshit on stage anyway. nobody has ever brought anything that looked like a potential threat on the show before and now all of a sudden Kenya’s ass brings weapons on stage and everybody thinks its cool. Im sorry putting your hands in my face is a violation of my space as well as any scepter, bullhorn, gun or any object. Did anyone mention that shit? Well of course not! but it needs to be addressed. kenya overstepped her boundaries and she only got part of what she really deserves..I mean come on here people .

    • Anonymous

      Did Porsha get on the view and say Kenya had weapons omg!! She is going waay too far on this whole victim thing. I think everybody is so blind to the fact that Phaedra and Porsha started the whole going in on Kenya. Kenya didn’t start to point the Scepter until they went in on her dog and her boyfriend. And I recall Porshs saying some choice words of her own so Porsha to me is not a victim she just as guilty as Kenya. Get over urself

      • Kells

        I agree 100% Porsha needs to have several seats with this victim act and she had a weapon and it was heavy and metal. Well she didn’t seemed threatened by those props. Lets not forget she did snatch the septer (whatever you call it) out of her hand like it was easy breezy! #byefelicia #teamkenya

  • chunky py

    Also, Andy’s came to porsha like she beat the fuck out of Kenya, but why he didnt ask Kenya what was the purpose of bringing those things to the show anyway. Kenya’s bitch ass got up out of there just to go call the police and file charges and come back as if she didnt do anything to make Porsha go off on her. Yall noticed that when Porsha stook up and got in Kenyas face the very first thing Kenya said was “YEA GET FIRED, GET FIRED”… Who says that if that wasnt an intent? HELLO RHOA PRODUCERS; EXECS and CO-HOST. come on yall aint stupid!!!

  • love

    In the 2nd reunion half when Andy asked Kenya what happened she says, “we were having a conversation, then Porsha jumped out of her seat.” WAIT, HOLD UP…you missed a HUGE CHUNK OF IT!

    Kenya, plays innocent and this is CLASSIC example.

  • Jazz

    I wish she continues to do interviews because she has not been favorable in any of them and it goes to show how scripted and ridiculous this show has become. She and Kenya saw 4 season of RHOA before they agreed to be cast members and joined right in with the rest and were nasty with each other from day one so I don’t feel sorry for any of them whether it’s getting dragged or getting arrested, you signed on for the mess so suffer the consequences! Silly Women

    • siarasheree

      EXACTLY!!…Porsha is not totally innocent .. she hurled just as many insults and low blows in BOTH seasons and reunions… People seem to forget that Porsha and Kenya went at each other constantly… Now I do think Kenya did too much with the props and was provoking … .But BOTH of them are trying to play victim and they are NOT!.. BOTH played dirty, it just so happens that one ended up losing control… SO Porsha can miss me with the –“I was being bullied ” *rolls eyes*

      • Anonymous


      • Tan

        I agree. They are not both innocent.

        The only difference is that Kenya used her words to get a reaction out of Porsha.

        I read that NeNe said she was covering her mouth so that she wouldn’t incriminate herself. It seems that regardless of props, she may have planned to attack Kenya and the other ladies would back her up by saying Kenya was bullying her. Which may be true, but if that’s case then so were others. NeNe got on her twice for being a bad friend, one in which she cried…. Does that make her a bully too?

        While it’s easy to say what you would do in a situation like that, it would have been best for Porsha to have gotten up and left the stage and refused to come back until they took those “props” from Kenya or moved her to another seat. They could have swapped Kandi and Porsha seating to keep them away from each other.

        If Porsha does stay, she needs to ignore Kenya and not even acknowledge her presence. Let her hurl her insults and don’t respond as if she isn’t even speaking to you. That would definitely drive Kenya crazy that her insults aren’t bothering you.

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