[VIDEO] Chilli on Pebble’s Lawsuit: She Couldn’t Sue Us Because We Didn’t Lie

Written by Sharifa Daniels in Blog

and it kind of dies out that’s when you’re like ‘oh okay’. Either they said forget it or maybe you settled or something and they’re okay with people believing what they say is not true, or they have no case and in that.

pebbles-chilli-circa 2011-lawsuit over movie-the jasmine brand

Bossip: Was it true that the first TLC contract was only for $25 a week?

Chilli: When I got in the group and the Crystal got kicked out—I had to come on board and be down with how the system was, it was either be cool with it or be out, but that was very true.


Bossip: What would you have done differently as a member of TLC?

Chilli: In our case, those same contracts, we wold have signed them still in the beginning but we would have renegotiated sooner and got different lawyers. In that way It wouldn’t have taken us to get to the third album before we were seeing profit. Maybe a couple of songs we passed up like “Where My Girls At” by 702. This one wasn’t our style but Britney Spears’ first single “Hit My Baby One More Time”.

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