[EXCLUSIVE] Sundy Carter Calls ‘Basketball Wives LA’ Reunion Brawl ‘Unfortunate’ + Explains What Ignited Erica Mena Twitter Spat

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With the season three of VH1’s popular Basketball Wives LA officially over, theJasmineBRAND.com caught up with newbie, Sundy Carter at LA’s Planet Dailies. If you watched the episode, it’s quite evident that the reunion ended with a bang and a brawl. While most of the footage was left on the cutting room floor, rumors swirled that a light-weight riot popped off with cast members and the audience. When we asked Sundy exactly what went down, Sundy explained:

I was actually in the middle of an apology and I guess again, she didn’t feel as though my apology wasn’t sincere enough and we got into a heated argument once again and it just kinda took me back to Paris, like ‘Here you go again’. It was unfortunate, but I just felt like Brandi was being a bully at that point. I felt like, not here, not today. I felt like we were kinda outnumbered, everybody that was there was Malaysia’s family, like the entire audience. Minus the little section that we had it was just Compton so that’s why everybody rushed the stage.

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And the drama, involving the self-proclaimed ‘villain’ of the show seems to have seeped into another reality show. This week, Sundy and Love & Hip Hop’s Erica Mena had a bit of a disagreement on Twitter. Both, who are known to be quick witted in heated moments threw a few interesting jabs at each other. When asked what started the Twitter tussle, Sundy responded:

I just kinda woke up to a tweet, a random tweet at that and was just a little taken aback and I just felt like after the reunion, I was maybe in a vulnerable state to even respond to the nonsense, but I did . So, Erica who? Goodnight, Bye.

Watch the clip.

Check back next week for the full interview with Sundy Carter.


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  • Siarasheree

    Omg I can’t believe u actually gave her ur time and blog entry ( but I didn’t read)…. Her whole demeanor on the show was so disgusting .. I’m sure she has story … But she is sooooooooooooooo thirsty for fame it’s sickening …
    My thoughts and I know it’s ur blog…:)

    • tjbwriteratlanta

      I certainly understand your point of view.We try to give everyone an opportunity to share their perspective, qhether they’re controversial or not. We yry to stay objective, so that you and the rest of our readers can form their own opinions. I do appreciate your feedbk though ;)

  • PrettyPearl

    Hmm…well Sundy is an “interesting” reality person. She and Erica Mena actually probably would have a lot more in common than they thought. (ex: Erica Mena & Kimbella smh) She did bring a little more drama to this season, which made for decent television. At least no one was throwing wine bottles or getting mushed in the face…instead they went the verbal route and belittled each other, their children, their health issues, personal lives, etc. *shurgs* My thoughts…Shaunie maybe needed a “Robin” for Jackie’s “Batman” persona & she chose her flunky who had :47 on a previous episode as her new accomplice.

  • rasheema

    This is my personal opinion about the whole season. For one, I can’t stand that Jackie. She is to old for that nonsense. As far as Sundy, I was happy that someone from Philadelphia got an opportunity to represent us in a positive way. I totally stand behind young, black women achieving their goals in a positive way. So, I wad team Sundy until the 2nd episode. I’m certain that a lot was edited of her scenes. However, it was disappointing to see her behave in such an ugly way. The cursing and bringing up cast members past was defiling. I think that she didn’t use this opportunity as a platform to her full advantage. Her children should’ve been an absolute no mentioning policy. People would tweet mean things about her children and I was disgusted with those who participated in the slander. They are children and that should be acknowledged first. Hopefully, this show doesn’t taint her career. But, I honestly think that she should leave social networks.

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