Apollo Nida Says He’s Not A Snitch + Reality Star Clarifies His Paycheck to Wendy Williams

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Reportedly, Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Apollo Nida has made a deal with the feds that has folks speculating that he may be ‘snitch’.

As previously reported, Apollo, who is the husband of RHOA’s Phaedra Parks, pled guilty to wire and bank fraud. According to TMZ, part of his deal includes that he will participate as “undercover investigative capacity” for the feds.

Reportedly, he’s also agreed to allow the feds to record conversations he may have with other criminal suspects.

Apollo has responded to reports that he’s a snitch. On Twitter, he replied to someone on Twitter, noting that standard language was used. He wrote:

ur dumb as f*ck its standard language in a federal plea agreement Michael Vicks TI’s plea It’s the same

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  • vapariga

    Apollo comes off as very arrogant these days. He said (ur dumb as f***) like its a normal thing & everyone should know how the federal system & plea deals work, lol! His looks got the best of Phaedra, he is a peice of work! Women, crime, etc…

  • m&m

    The way he talked to Kenya on that last reunion was a bit chilling. He’s got a real dark side to him.
    But on another note= Shame on Bravo for exploiting the husbands. They even do reunion shows! If I were the men, I would always refuse to tape. #nofreelabor

  • Jazz

    I don’t understand why he’s still tweeting and giving statements. I know he and Phaedra are separated but she should still give him a call and tell him to SHUT UP! He was even asking Twitter to verify his account yesterday, What????

    • kim

      Wait,separated?When did that happen?lol

      • IBJuliet

        I thought they said on part 3 of the reunion show that they weren’t separated.

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