[VIDEO] Conspiracy Theory: What REALLY Triggered Solange’s Elevator Attack + Wendy Williams Blames Jay Z

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It’s been less than 24 hours since the video of Solange Knowles violently attacking Jay Z and the speculation continues. Unconfirmed reports, unnamed sources, ear hustling and all thee above have most of us wondering–why did Solange attack Jay Z and why didn’t Beyonce intervene?

As previously reported, on Monday, May 12—one week after MET BAll—TMZ posted leaked footage from an elevator at the Standard, in which Solange can be seen kicking and swinging her arms at Jay Z.

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Solange, Lupita Nyong’o & Beyonce At Met Gala Afterparty

This close-knit family has yet to release a statement and it’s HIGHLY unlikely that they will. In the meantime, we’ve compiled what we’ve HEARD and learned thus far.

Solange hasn’t tweeted since the video leaked. All of her Instagram photos have with Beyonce have been deleted, with the exception of one.

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Before the elevator altercation, Solange had an argument with designer Rachel Roy, who was at the MET Gala and the party. An insider tells the New York Post that “Solange had too much to drink and was out of it by the time the performances started after the dinner at the Met Ball,” noting that “she was dancing like a crazy person.” Another insider told the paper that a “belligerent” Solange was “like a pressure cooker waiting to explode” when she crossed paths with Rachel. Solange use to be friends and they attended the 2012 MET Gala together. Rachel was once married to Dame Dash, who use to be in business with Jay Z.

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–Dame Dash posted the photo above, with the caption:

I am actually impressed with her independent spirit… She seems like a fighter #festivallife

US Magazine that “Solange flipped out over something Jay had said, that she took the wrong way … she took it too

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  • Bri

    Even if that is true, you don’t physically attack anyone. Regardless of what happened, married people need to handle their own relationship. That’s why so many marriages fail. You got people all in your business and you standing by like it is okay. And why can’t Beyonce stand up for herself? IF Jay-z did anything vile like Wendy is suggesting, it ain’t that bad because her sister still there smiling on the red carpet, about to go on tour and such. Wendy just speculating as usual. She wish her sister would have hit her cheating husband.

    • Kristina

      True. And why do we always assume it is the man? Why can’t Solange have just been acting crazy? It seemed like Beyonce was used to her sister acting out. If I were that angry at my husband that I would allow someone else to be kicking, hitting, even spitting on him, imma join in too. Not just stand there. I always said Bey was extra weird.

    • Kay

      True! If Beyonce is willing to put up with it what makes it ok for Solange to snap out and hit Jay. They are adults and this is something that should’ve been handled at home behind closed doors. For this to be done in public gave the media and fans something to talk about. That’s Beyonce’s husband Solange needs to know her place and keep her damn hands to herself.

  • kim

    I have to say I agree with Wendy somewhat.For a sister to stand there while her sister goes off on her husband.And B didn’t do anything.She didn’t sop her,say anything or get in between them.At one point she looked like she stood closer to her sister than her hubby.Makes me feel that Jay may have been in the wrong.Allowing your It just seems out of the ordinary.I know J is a man,he’s not suppose to strike a lady.But,he stood there and took it.There is something going on in the Carter Household.

    • Bri

      I guess I am just partial to letting married couples hash out their own affairs. As a wife, I can’t think of why I would need someone else to attack my husband for me (if he did anything wrong… still speculation). Ppl are saying maybe he hits Beyonce. From what I have seen, an abused woman who isn’t ready to leave will defend her husband until the finish line. We didn’t see that defense so I doubt it was physical abuse as the cause of argument (still.. we don’t know). If it was verbal, why can’t Beyonce handle her own to address her own husband? I would be very disrespected and probably wouldnt talk to my sister if she felt the need to attack my husband, my equal, like a wild animal. It just wouldn’t happen. Not with the type of person I am. Not how I handle my relationships. Sure, y’all can fight and exchange words because all families do, but lifting your foot to my husband, the father of my child? I just can’t see me allowing that. No matter what he said to you. I’ll handle it. Like the woman with the ring gets the first swing lol. It makes me wonder what type of relationship do they really have?

  • Anonymous

    Everything being said is speculation. We are not going to know exactly what happened, so let us all get on with our own lives and let them fix whatever is going on.

    • Resa


    • Kristina

      You are on a celebrity gossip site talking about let’s move on. What the heck do you think the site is for? The premise of the site is letting people speculate. Are we supposed to be discussing foreign relations? Lmao