[EXCLUSIVE] Love & Hip Hop’s Erica Jean Says ‘Fix My Life’ Made Co-Parenting With Saigon EXTREMELY Worse: He Hasn’t Seen His Son In Months!

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us and what happened on Love and Hip Hop and the real story about me and Saigon and just the things that I went through behind the scenes with him when I used to live with him and they completely cut that out. I think there was a part in there where she said something about when he called me a b**** and I responded to that and I took it differently, I thought that she was saying as in when we argued where he would call me a b**** and I would respond but not in a positive way. I didn’t know that she had spoken to him earlier and he said other [stuff] and I think it was just a complete turn around, like just roasting me the whole entire show. I think it was a dis-justice of women [who] are going through things like this with the father of their child and they really have nowhere to go. I understand that Iyanla was trying to help me in certain situations but a lot of things I think was inappropriate like bringing up plastic surgery, just things that didn’t have anything to do with me and Saigon’s relationship or me being a good mother.


theJasmineBRAND: How was the experience?

Erica Jean: I mean, I don’t even know. I think the experience was the opposite of what I thought it would be. I was the one that kind of wanted help from Iyanla because of Saigon’s deal. The verbal

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