[EXCLUSIVE] Love & Hip Hop’s Erica Jean Says ‘Fix My Life’ Made Co-Parenting With Saigon EXTREMELY Worse: He Hasn’t Seen His Son In Months!

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us and what happened on Love and Hip Hop and the real story about me and Saigon and just the things that I went through behind the scenes with him when I used to live with him and they completely cut that out. I think there was a part in there where she said something about when he called me a b**** and I responded to that and I took it differently, I thought that she was saying as in when we argued where he would call me a b**** and I would respond but not in a positive way. I didn’t know that she had spoken to him earlier and he said other [stuff] and I think it was just a complete turn around, like just roasting me the whole entire show. I think it was a dis-justice of women [who] are going through things like this with the father of their child and they really have nowhere to go. I understand that Iyanla was trying to help me in certain situations but a lot of things I think was inappropriate like bringing up plastic surgery, just things that didn’t have anything to do with me and Saigon’s relationship or me being a good mother.


theJasmineBRAND: How was the experience?

Erica Jean: I mean, I don’t even know. I think the experience was the opposite of what I thought it would be. I was the one that kind of wanted help from Iyanla because of Saigon’s deal. The verbal

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  • Razzi

    Has Iyanla helped anyone??? I liked her show with Evelyn but besides that, it seems like she had ruined more lives of celebrities instead of fixing them

  • kim

    I don’t understand why people go on her show and act like they didn’t know what she was gonna do.If you’ve seen her show before you know what she does.You can’t expect to see someone for an hour and they fix something,that took you years to break.She picked a dude that isn’t gonna be a good father for her child.She picked a dude that disrespected her from the door.Move on raise your child.Try to get yourself together as a woman.

    • Anonymous

      Yes!! They get confronted about things in their life that hit home and no one has every told them. They blame everyone else for the situation and will not take ownership of their mess. Yes she said herself she just wanted a baby. She has issues and why would you bring a child into this world with someone you “just hook-up with”. Young people do some really dumb stuff. That boy looks like he has a problem. al they do is sream in front of him on a regular basis. That was so sad to see.

      • kim

        So true,She wanted Iyanla to tell him what a bad guy he is and to leave Erica alone.No,she’s gonna show you the part that you play in this mess.She didn’t like that.And yes,that little boy does look like he has issues.His speech is delayed.They talked about it on an episode of love and hip hop.

  • I agree that no one else tells the real like Iyanla. So when it comes to them on front street…they are in awwww and get to thinking and say…no on else has ever told me it that way, ect…and Im like okkkkk. So I will say I didn’t care for their episode at all but I love Iyanla show.

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  • Effie

    She’s upset because Iyanla didn’t let her off the hook for her b.s. When he came at her correct, she ignored him until he called her a fake a$$ b*tch that’s when she slept with. She mad cuze Iyanla told her in front of millions that she slept with and chose to have a baby with a man that didn’t even know her address. #TRUTHHURTS

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  • BRC

    Erica is still focusing on Saigon and what Iyanla did or didn’t do. Iyanla is not the savior, it is not her responsibility to actually “fix” anyone or anything. She provides a platform for you to speak your truth and dig into your own stuff. You can’t be apprehensive about one aspect of your life (plastic surgery) and then want to spill and expose everything else (Saigon). Truth of the matter is, the same woman that made the choice to be in a sexual relationship with a man who never confessed any love to her or for her is the same woman who thought the show would validate her poor decisions…

  • m&m

    Having a little insight in the field, I instantly knew she screwed those two up, BIG TIME. The FIRST major mistake she made was not having a full understanding of Erica’s hatian culture as it related to her father. The SECOND GIAGANTIC mistake she made was equipping a young, impulsive, fatherless, angry man with the notion that he needed to FATHER/PARENT his baby-momma. That whole “tic tic tic boom” scene where he had a “ahh haa” moment was where EVERTHING fell apart. She should have never told Saigon he was maybe meant to father his son and Erica Jean- that was a huge mistake. That changed the dynamic and put him on a higher level of a hierarchy than her, which was already a problem. I do like her show, but I have to admit, that was clinically- her worst show.

    • kim

      Iyanla is a motivational speaker,a spiritual healer and a strong woman that’s trying to help some of us find our way.You took what she said literally.What she does isn’t clinical.It’s people sitting down and peeling their layers back to see what’s there.And you workout what you find.

      • m&m

        a spiritual guide, acting in a clinical role. you have to be careful or you can do more damage than good. there is a reason why people study for 5 or more years post undergraduate to understand psychology. if your not careful, people will hold you accountable because you can leave them more broken then when you found them.

        • loretta

          as I watch this episode for the 3rd time, when I heard her (Iyanla) say to him to father his son in addition to Erica, I heard – become that strong man that you MUST be for both your son as well as your son’s mother. I did not take it in the literal way that you did. I am quite sure that Iyanla would have been happy to revisit these two, but they are both unavailable emotionally. Let’s not forget that he mentioned that she (Erica) appeared a bit “off ” and yet he still continued to bed her. if he felt that she was not quite together then he needed to show direction to her through ‘father-like’ behavior. not as her father. for him to do the things and behave in a way that her father did not. provide her with those values, respect and guidance that her father did not.

  • k.p.

    That man is an idiot. It will have to take Jesus himself to come down and change him. He is the true definition of a moron. Erica let him continue to be the child that he acts like and find you a real man for you and your son. Pray for him and let him go.

    • loretta

      this is a crazy reply and one of the worst things that is running rampant in our society as a culture. she has chosen her child’s father, good or bad, she cannot take him away from his son. this child is not an instrument to use to get ‘even’. she knew what the relationship was before she decided to become pregnant. she was not 15 but 34. she has NO respect for her son. she stated that ‘she doesn’t want to be that woman who takes her son away from his father’ then don’t. whatever it takes for your son, do it!! if you need to be quiet – father and mother – in order for your son to have a decent life, then be quiet and give this baby some peace.

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