[EXCLUSIVE] Interview: Singer Lil Mo Explains Rumors of Estranged Son, ‘Catfish’ Star Kidd Cole: ‘He’s had a hard life!’

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Chances are, if you’re a fan of the show Catfish, you’ve heard of aspiring producer/rapper, Kidd Cole (real name Jerez Coleman). MTV’s Catfish is a reality-based docu-series television series about the truths and lies of online dating. This season, the show ventured into other arenas, giving people other opportunities to share other stories outside of love. Recently, producer/rapper named Kidd Cole was featured. In short, the DC native  claimed to be an artist under Kanye West‘s G.O.O.D. label. By the end of the episode, viewers learned that Cole was completely untruthful about his music career and involvement in Ye’s label. In fact, according to the show, Cole had scammed  multiple people out of money and resources.

While the buzz about the episode has died down, we’ve discovered that Cole has a connection to singer/reality star Lil Mo (real name Cynthia Loving). Apparently, two of Lil Mo’s children are siblings to Cole. They share the same father–Lil Mo was previously married to Gus Stone. Gus is Cole’s father and is also the father to two of Lil Mo’s daughters Heaven and God’Iss-Love.

lil mo-reveals connection to catfish kidd cole-the jasmine brand

Sharing the news on Instagram, she wrote:

Big shoutout to MY “estranged” SON!! @colepushaz! i cannot sit here and LOL and point fingers at a young man that has the SAME FATHER as my daughters heaven and Godiss love. i saw the MTV

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18 Comments to “[EXCLUSIVE] Interview: Singer Lil Mo Explains Rumors of Estranged Son, ‘Catfish’ Star Kidd Cole: ‘He’s had a hard life!’”

  1. Shannon says:

    I don’t know how I feel about this interview. It was a great interview by JB. But to me lil mo always just wants to stay relevant. Instead of putting this young mans business In the streets – try talking with him one on one and offering him all this good advice OFF camera. How are you helping him by just putting all that info out there that we didn’t need to know. If he’s had such a hard life why don’t you try and reach out (you shot him out on IG) and talk to this troubled young man.

  2. Mizz AG says:

    Lil Mo made me wanna cry there at the end…..heartbreaking and we don’t even know the half

  3. kim says:

    Can she stop letting us know she paid the support.Now that she’s on tv and maybe in touch with some people that do music.Get in touch with the producers of Catfish.See if they can help you find your step son and help him.And don’t discuss with anyone off the record what you know about him and his Mom.How about that!?

  4. kOkOqUEEN says:


  5. Alaya_MingLee says:

    Well first off he’d be her daughters half brother, not step brother. She’s annoying. You have the resources. Help him instead of talking.

  6. unbelieveable Bull says:

    I cannot believe this, none of this interview is true, it is another made up story. Jerez Coleman is a relative of mine, he HAS NO CONNECTION, I REPEAT!! NO CONNECTION TO KANYE, JADEN, LITTLE MO, BIG SEAN, ETC. ETC. All of these lies are just a way to make it into show business. I watched the Catfish show and could not believe my eyes ears! These are all truly lies, lies, lies!!! DON’T BELIEVE for 1 second that he has any connections, he is a very clever young man able to manipulate the websites into making people believe he has a hook up, but he does not! Please pray for him, all he needs now is help.

  7. tracy says:

    LiL Mo gets on my last nerves! she ALWAYS putting her business in the streets and on social media…omg this chick is so hood with it…i think she gave too much info on this young man…if she wants to “help” instead of telling his business, give him a job!!! let him work with YOU lil MO!…i am just disgusted! I think she has “issues” herself, as she is a chameleon, and jumps from man to man and then adjusts to his environment, instead of …well…let me shut up. ive said my peace

  8. Anita says:

    Please, making fake news now? Don’t you think if that was his real dad, his homeless mom would of got child support? Any jackass can say there crack head mom fucked a celeb. Id say that to if my real dad was pushing needles in his veins up on the corner! Let me see the DNA?
    Lil mo, wouldn’t of let this kid have a hard life, if this was true! She isn’t going to do an interview that says I know this kid but I left his ass homeless. STFU kidd cole. Ya dads a junkie and ya. Mom is to..

  9. […] Kidd Cole, whom she said has led a very hard life, has the same father as her daughters. She told TheJasmineBrand.com that she’s even helped her ex-husband pay child support for him in the […]

  10. REALLY? says:

    For fuck sake how can some of you people that have feel sorry for that shithead? Where is the hard questions to Lil Mo (if this interview is even real) like “What do you want to say and DO to the people and families that have suffered because of “Kid Coles” actions?” and so on.

  11. […] was very surprised,” she told The Jasmine Brand. “I had heard he was producing and working with Jaden Smith. When I asked his father was it true, […]

  12. […] was very surprised,” she told The Jasmine Brand. “I had heard he was producing and working with Jaden Smith. When I asked his father was it true, […]

  13. Alaya_MingLee says:

    Some of you don’t have it all. I highly doubt theJasmineBrand would post a fake story where her or one of her correspondents did the interview. C’mon now.

    • Just now reading this thread. No, this isn’t a fake interview or story at all. We learned about her connection to Kidd Cole on Instagram. I then reached out to her, before we did the story, to interview her and get her side. We felt that she was entitled to weigh in, whether or not you’ll agree with what she said.

      I absolutely agree, looking back, that we could have asked tougher questions. We were more surprised with the connection and didn’t focus on how on the show, Cole allegedly conned people out of money. Full disclosure, we received an email after this interview went up, from someone claiming to be Cole’s attorney saying that they were suing MTV, etc.

      In short, we try very hard to be ethical and it’s never our goal to deceive our readers. Besides, you’ll are too smart for that.

  14. Anonymous says:

    My thing is if she said she saw a kid on a bike that looked like him and they stopped the car and he said hey dad…..whyyyyyyy tf wouldnt she and her then husband take in HIS biological son smfh that just makes her look like a person with no values or morals who would leave an innocent child unattended for smfh apparently both his parents have aome issues as we’ve heard bothing about his mother and the fact that lil mo is no longer with his father I just dont get people these days and then we wonder why our society is so jacked up its becausr ppl dont care anymore only about themselves and thier next come up and dont realize thats what their teaching their kids bc they will only follow in your footsteps #sickening

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