[VIDEO] TLC Addresses Rihanna Backlash: If You Have A Problem, Holler At Us — We’re GROWN Women!

Written by Sharifa Daniels in Blog

T-Boz: The one picture in 22-years of our whole career and it was for breast cancer awareness.

Chilli: There was this picture on that chair for a magazine and it was about loving your body. For us if we do something like that, there was a reason behind it, its not just because we feel so comfortable and this is what we’re doing and just for nothing to get attention.

T-Boz: This whole conversation had nothing to do with her anyway and it was never about her at all none what so ever. The thing that’s saddening to me is our youth today, like when you think you’re ‘riding for an artist’ riding means on their side and you start threatening lives and threatening our kids, come on man, y’all are taking it too far. Don’t nobody care. We never back track on what we say. If we said it, we’ll say we said it, we don’t have a problem, ain’t nobody going to spank us—what’s going to happen, nothing; ok. So if you have a problem and you’re in this business, holler at us, we’re grown women.

Chilli: Just period because we’re artist, we’re women and we can converse like that if you have an issue.

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