[INTERVIEW] Kenya Moore Explains Why She Refuses To Reveal Who She’s Dating

Written by tjbwriteratlanta in Celebrity Interviews
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If there’s one thing that Kenya Moore is good at, it’s keeping the lime light shinning in her direction. theJasmineBRAND.com correspondent Smith recently chatted with The Real Housewives of Atlanta break-out star to have a quick-candid conversation about her love life (she’s shared a glimpse of her new boo, but still seems to be playing shy), what a ‘turnt up’ night looks like for her and more. Check out our quick conversation below.

theJasmineBRAND: What would you say was the last time you were genuinely shocked, good or bad?

Kenya Moore: Oh God, that’s a tough question. I don’t know, I don’t want to be negative so in a good way…random acts of kindness probably. People that you think they’re going to say something negative and they end up being really positive and make your day.


theJasmineBRAND: Now we know people always ask you ‘who are you dating’ and you never say a word? 

Kenya Moore: You know, I’ve learned a lot from my previous mistakes and announcing who I’m

dating. I would just rather people just think I’m not dating anybody then to put my relationship out there and people are in your business and it somehow affects your relationship and it really does. I’ve been very quiet for 20 years about who I’ve been dating and one year I made the mistake of presenting that person and it wasn’t good. So, I’m going back to not talking about it.


theJasmineBRAND: You always looked so polished, with your jewels and Chanel bags, but when can we see Kenya ‘turnt up’? What does your turn up night like?

You know what, I am always on a natural high. If you really know me I am goof, silly, I’m always turned up, just always laughing and having fun and I don’t know If I do that in public so much.

theJasmineBRAND:: Do you have to be around people your comfortable with?

Yeah, my friends and family have the craziest videos of me and luckily they’ve never leaked them.

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For all things Kenya Moore, follow her on Twitter @KenyaMoore.


  • PrettyPearl

    Yeah, I’ve lost a LOT of respect for Kenya Moore. I remember her from A LONG time ago & I always thought she was so beautiful and statuesque but reality TV has completely brought the cuckoo out of her smh. Then to see this “person” she is laying in bed with…yeah, we all know that is a mannequin! I mean look at it! I just don’t get her anymore and unfortunately not looking forward to her being on the next season of RHOA.

    • Kenya Moore is beautiful woman.I have respect for her and Cynthia out of all the RHOA.Kenya is an actress.You claim reality tv has bought the cuckoo out of Kenya Moore.How do you know it’s a mannequin? Why are you worried about if it is? Kenya’s CUCKOO (SMH) Who cares ,about losing respect foe K.M. I respect ,Kenya out of all the RHOA. Phadera:corrupt,ratchet,faking the religion
      Khandi,pays for her men.Never dated a man.Who was not married,lived with another woman and attached to another man.
      Porsha:plays dumb,lied about the divorce reason.Have people believing her ex.Did her wrong,sleeps with anyone to for money and fame.
      Fights people ,she’s a nut case. Will use her assess , to get to the next level up!Golddigger
      playing with God.
      NENE: trashy and keeps buying them third world lace wigs. Always have her lap dog. Looking like an ape with hay on her head. Think she’s talking proper. All I see is them gigantic teeth moving faster then them lips.
      Bragging about her stripper life. The beast is nothing but a big ugly bully. You lost respect for KENYA Moore . smmfh

      • Anonymous

        Well said, you took the words out of my mouth#KM#1fan

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