[VIDEO] Brawl Erupts During Love Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion, Tammy Rivera Quits Show

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The drama continues for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Today, the cast filmed the reunion episode and as expected, there was a TON of drama. Compliments of a few inside sources and some folk dry snitching on social media, we can confirm things go VERY physical.

As expected, a few cast members had some issues with Joseline Hernandez. Reportedly, Joseline got into a fight with Benzino’s fiancee, Althea Heart.

love and hip hop atlanta reunion fight althea the jasmine brand


love and hip hop atlanta reunion fight benzino fiancee althea the jasmine brand

Unfortunately, that’s not it. A brawl also popped off between Joseline and Waka’s wife, Tammy Rivera. We’re told that both Bambi and Waka’s mother, Debra jumped in.

lhha reunion fight tammy rivera the jasmine brand

In the middle of all of this commotion, the fight spilled into the audience, folk were snapping photos, shouting, etc. We’re also told that they stopped filming for now and told cast members to return to their hotel. There are a few conflicting reports suggesting that Joseline was actually jumped backstage by two cast members — not yet named.

tammy rivera LHHA Rasheeda Pop Up Shop Event 2014 the jasmine brand

Tammy announced that she would not return to the show, unless producers began to drug test cast members.

Police were called, but no one was arrested — yet.

Cast members through darts at one another, on social media, after the dust settled.

love and hip hop atlanta reunion fight bambi the jasmine brand


love and hip hop atlanta reunion fight 2014 joseline hernandez the jasmine brand

Watch the clip.

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  • PrettyPearl

    OMG!!! Thank you so much for posting this! I heard about it on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show and I checked A LOT of other blogs but no one had it!

  • PrettyPearl

    Honey NOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Ok, just “no” to Tammy quitting! Joseline getting beat up…well, yeah stuff happens BUT i really hope Tammy doesnt leave the show! She is so pretty & positive. Now Joseline fighting pretty much everyone…hmm…my thoughts: vs. Althea- You talked about her all season long & clearly something was going to be said/done…kinda brought that on herself. Tammy-how do you come at her wrong & tell her about getting a ring instead of a tattoo? People express their love in different ways so how is a ring that just may turn your finger green be better than a tattoo? IF Ms. Deb & Bambi did jump in…hmm… #hilarious but where was Erica? Joseline talked a lot about Erica this season but didnt attack her? And why attack Mimi? Doesnt she already have a lot going on in her life as it is? I mean, just her being Stevie’s child mother should be depressing enough!

    • Anonymous

      I agree .I hope Tammy stays. Deb should have grabbed Joseline ass. I know if Wacka was there it would not have gone down like that

  • Anonymous

    Stevie just know joseline got her Lame ass whooped not once but twice!!!!! ????????????

    • Shar

      Where you there as no one knows except the people that were there. Any people lie because they don’t want to get lose or seem if they might have lost.

  • Anonymous

    End this show..

  • sonya

    Joseline Hernandez is sack as fuck for what she’s doing. She want to fight everybody like she lalia Ali or somebody. The girl Althea was being real when she said she slept with Stevie j. Carma is a mother she did it yo mimi now the shit has smack her in her face. Dim how. She need to take some speech classes

    • Elicia

      Maybe the two of you can enroll in a speech and spelling class together, I can’t understand a word you said, smh.

      • Anonymous

        Elicia im done.lol

  • mAjor

    I don,
    t believe any of this. If any of that happened, it’d be on the News news..

    • Shar

      I agree! People would be pressing charges and people would be arrested and I don’t think VH1 wants to be seen in that light. I’m just saying…

  • Ni Ni

    Joselyn, Im sorry honey but please stop judging people. He who is without sin, throw the first stone.(paraphrasing). “Well that wouldn’t be you, because you can’t.” Stevie J, you and Benzino I thought were boys and you guys are letting females get in the way of your brotherly friendship. Women come and go friends are supposed to be for life. It seems that Benzino is trying to help you out financialy by bringing on board of the hip ho weekly magazine and then you guys opened the club/bar/grill scene restaraunt. How could you post a naked pic of ALTHEA on instagram, but yet and still you are telling him and the whole world on the show that you didn’t smash the homies girl. I don’t believe she would lie to Benzino to break yall friendship up. She was tryig to keep it real with Benzino because she knew that some mess would come up later and like it told to her by Rausheeda on the show it is better to come from her mouth rather than somebody elses.

  • Tesheika

    “Joseline go on with your bad ass ,you are such a pretty Puerto Rican princess and a strong one @ the same dame time . Mama elephant Debra ,Telly tubby Tammy ,and Bambi the scrappy door mat.all three of you guys jumped her and @ the end of it joseline still standing ,y’all bitches are weak.” Love you joseline!!!

    • Elicia

      Debra, Tammy and Bambi have more class and sense in their feet than Joseline has period, and you’re claiming her victory like you were sitting there front row, lol silly rabbit, get back on the Sleazy J bus!!

      • mzzztrini

        tammi has class but not bambi and deb, why did 3 bitchs need to jump 1? tammi should have handle the fight on her own. Joseline makes that show and she is a strong chic bcuz dem bitches cant have no air time unless they’re talking about her sooo u ms elicia stfu please and thank u

        • Anonymous

          Im defending Tammy all the wayyyyy Joseline had help jumping Tammy that girl was on drugs and anyone knows when you sniff,shoot up,puff on some serious drugs you have super human strength.do u see Tammy she wears no more than a buck o five you damnright as a friend or a mtother in
          law i would whoop her high crack head ass.I aint hatin the game. im hatin the player on this here one. Wacka i know Deb taught you better but if you need another Puerto Rican to whip that ass you let me know. Because I speak spanish with my hands and my mouth.that was wrong.dead wrong.keep her ass we dont want her tired ass back in Puerto Ricom we have class here.

  • Who joseline forever calling ppl hoes, did everyone forget where sleazy found her?

  • pikchapurrfeck

    Joseline handed tammi flockah flames her ass.I saw that shit.tammi got her ass straight handed to her.I can’t stand joseline because she’s a hoer she’s stupid and she let stebie j use her dumb ass.ms.deb that’s my boo.mimi needs to chill and focus on herself.she’s better than hoesaline man-nandez lol.kurt and rasheeda r my pplz.I like dem.young joc is a biabia.karlie redd.is a hoe from the head down.scrappy likes to eat pussy yeahhhhh.erica so fine I hit that too if I was a dude.hoethea I mean thithi I like her fake ass self.stebie is a pot of shit boiling on the stove.wacka flocka I wanna fuck him.mama dee keep pimpin baybeh.da bamster you stoopid scrappy just using you cuz his credit bad.

    • mzzztrini

      lol lmfao but naaah Joseline is a hoe but she’s a real bitch dem other fake ass bitches need to chill… i’m now understanding y karlie is as crazy as she seems but she too is real… Joc is ratchet creeping with that chic that looks horrible…Scrappy stop eat pussy dude ur game is messy…Stevie is my dude 100 nicca…Benzino u dumb ass make that hoe sign a prenup…Tammi u my girl but u got beat the fack up…Bambs how u gonna let scrappy lying ass eat a pussy n sit next to u???

      • Anonymous

        Baby u all up in it. If i dont have a problem with him sitting next to me why should you? See you one of those messy hoes. That need to be brought up and faught up. You dont know me boo. I wish your picture was on here. You probably 300 pounds eatin on a freakin Krispy Kream donut. Go to bed boo.

  • kkbeauty86

    Anybody who likes that bitch jose is messy. Yall dont like tammi cause she classy. She was drama free & tried to be friends with that manly looking bitch. She was trying to take shots though. At least tammi marriage real is jose? Tammi has real beauty. She doesn’t need to be loud and ghetto. That shit ain’t cute for a woman. Jose is an embarrassment to all women. She deserved everything she got. #messyhoe

    • A i

      Jose needs to get flatten the hell Out! She is not Puerto Rican we don’t want her! Stop calling yourself ta Puerto Rican princess yr Mexican biach! They want you back!

  • A i

    I hope Waka beats Stebies ass! How dare she touch Tammy! Tammy please sanitize and get shots that biach has everything known to man..ekkk!

  • Deport that Puerto Rico dude!! That’s not a woman

    • Anonymous

      We dont want him back.

  • WeNeedMoreLuv

    We love lahha , we wish the entire team much success. However, the fighting/violence is not in any form amusing, funny, nor entertaining.