[EXCLUSIVE] Michael Jackson Estate Sues Auction Company, Demands Injunction Over MJ Memorabilia

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Then in June 2014, PP began advertising an online auction of photographs and 35 millimeter film from the Victory Tour. The company claimed in the description that the buyer was purchasing all the copyrights to the photos they bought. They also stated the photos were commission by Joe Jackson. The estate sent off a cease and desist on June 18th stating they did NOT have the rights to sell the photos and to remove the items for auction.

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The company responded stating they would put any money won in the auction into an escrow account until a court determines who owns the rights. They also said they would put a disclaimer on the auction that the estate had issue and there may be legal trouble for the buyer.

The estate says despite their promises they never added the disclaimer, lied to bidders stating the estate approved the auction and they went through with the auction on July 21st and 22nd.

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They filed suit claiming they did not have the rights to sell the photos, they were untruthful to bidders about being able to sell the copyrights — they claim they suffered financial damages due to PP’s actions. They also want an injunction against PP from ever selling items they claim to have the rights to in regards to MJ. Read the EXCLUSIVE Documents. 

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