Darius McCrary Engaged to Harlem Globetrotter Tammy Brawner

Written by Sharifa Daniels in Blog
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It seems like the second time’s the charm for Darius McCrary. Known mainly for his roll as Eddie Winslow in Family Matters, the actor is now engaged to Tammy Brawner. Brawner aka T-Time is a Harlem Globetrotters—and the tenth female to ever play for the Globetrotters, and is one of three to suit up for Harlem’s team in over 20 years.

Tammy Darrius

The two have been mums on their relationship, but if you follow them on social networks you know both are very much in love. Just this past week, the actor got a #MCMshout out from the Oakland native. She tweeted a picture of the two hugged up while flashing her engagement ring.

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  • Jas

    It’s McCrary not McCray

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