[EXCLUSIVE] Lil Kim’s Ex-Business Partner Demands Her 1 Million Lawsuit Be Dismissed

the company had planned out a slew of products including perfume, clothing line, liquor & energy drink along with a shoe line. Ro claimed in court docs that Kim was a diva and a horror to work with — often refusing to show up to project meetings unless they paid her and refusing to promote the products. The ex-business partner claimed that the rapper cost his business 15 million dollars.

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Then on August 28th,  the defendants filed docs stating that Lil Kim has failed to file a response to the court-suit or any filings to allow the lawsuit to proceed. The company states that it has been over a year since Lil Kim has participated in her own lawsuit. They are demanding that the entire lawsuit be dismissed and Lil Kim be awarded nothing.

Read the EXCLUSIVE Court Documents Part 1 and Part 2. 

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