Retired NBA Baller Kenny Smith & Family Land Reality TV Show, THE SMITHS

Kenny, Charles Barkley, XXX

Kenny, Charles Barkley, Kenny’s wife Gwendolyn 

ranging in age from age 2 to 20, a successful wife and an accomplished career both on and off the basketball court, Kenny has just about everything he needs to be considered the Coolest Dad on Earth – everything that is except the ability to impress his own kids. After all, he and Gwen are raising a family of all-stars. The older kids – Kayla, Monique and KJ – are excelling and have careers in music, sports and entertainment, and little Malloy and London prove daily that they are hot on the heels of their siblings. Each week, Kenny and Gwen must manage a household that has many moving parts in order to accomplish their ultimate goal: keeping their large family of big personalities happy, healthy and going strong – together.

TBS has ordered six episodes of The Smiths, with plans to air in spring 2015. [TBS

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