[Parking Lot Problems] Iggy Azalea Angrily Confronts Paparazzi At Supermarket

Iggay Azalea-angrily confronts paparrazi-la vons supermarket-the jasmine brand

‘I hope you have ebola, I hope you die.’Iggy Azalea

Do not come between a girl and her groceries. Over the weekend, a photographer found out the hard way, when he was approached by a famous female rapper.

Video footage of Iggy Azalea (real name Amethyst Amelia Kelly ) angrily confronting a paparazzi in LA has been released. Here’s what happened. Reportedly while inside the grocery store, Iggy was allegedly photographed. Apparently this didn’t sit too well with Iggy.┬áIggy’s friend confronted the photographer and allegedly spit on him. And once outside, Iggy yelled at the photog