Gabrielle Union (Sorta) Shades Charles Barkley, Says Hollywood’s Lacking Smart Comedies That Want Black Women [VIDEO]

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humor – no. They’re going to get Tina Fey. They’re going to get Amy Poehler, they’re going to get Rashida Jones, that crew. I’ve just gotta get myself invited to Judd Apatow’s house!

Union also spilled a bit of tea on what went down recently with Charles Barkley. When Barkley had something to say about Wade, Gab poked fun at it on Twitter, and he didn’t even get the joke.

“People who ain’t won nothing always have the most to say about people who won something,” she joked, noting that he clearly didn’t even understand her joke.

It’s like Nas dropping the Ether, and someone coming back with something lame.

See her full interview below.

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