[EXCLUSIVE Interview] Lil Mo On: Chrisette Michele Leaving ‘R&B Divas LA’; Stacy Francis Bringing Personality + Why She Attempted Suicide

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Lil Mo

Lil Mo

Lil’ Mo is an award-winning songwriter and recording artist who climbed the R&B charts in the early 2000’s. After reaching success, she settled down to start a family and remained quietly out of the limelight for a while. That is, until she resurfaced to star in R&B Divas: LA. Throughout the last three seasons of the TV One hit series, we’ve seen her struggle to manage family, friend and career drama on the small screen.

With this season’s viewers setting a record and Mo getting back into radio and regaining control of her life after season two, the 36-year-old has a lot to be thankful for. Lil’ Mo took some time to speak –very passionately– to theJasmineBRAND.com about her peer’s on the show and how she’s pulling herself together to further her entertainment career. Peep some experts below:


 On Chrisette Michelle leaving the show:

We knew at some point Chrisette was going to leave; she had the tour, but I didn’t know she was going to quit for good… She’s a top fan favorite, so with her gone you are going to have to fill her shoes. So I don’t know, maybe Stacey was the only one available.

Stacy Francis, Lil Mo

Stacy Francis, Lil Mo

On how she felt about Stacey’s presence on the show:

She didn’t really shake nothing up, she just brought things to light because they was been shaken up. She’s just loud…I was glad that she came with the personality because as much as people hate her, you can’t forget her.

Chante Moore

Chante Moore

On her biggest issue with Chante Moore:

She don’t tell the truth, since the first season. But nobody sees it, or they see it and just don’t want to say nothing…I was just told to watch her from the beginning from very reliable sources that had nothing to do with the show, was just like ‘yo, just watch her because she gonna always play the victim‘…I was expecting her to come in and be like the oldest diva, with second season and third season and come in and be like, ‘y’all girls got to get it together,’ but nobody even trust her like that…


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  • gigi

    Finally Lil Mo has taken off the clown suit and now she’s looking as if she back on planet earth.

  • Gingertee

    We all watched the show. Please stop giving Mo a platform to lie enough already. If Chante wasn’t on the show, Mo would have no storyline. She has a new man each season and 4 of her 5 babies live with her mother. I would think a diva would have at least an album. Kim on RHOATL has more hits than Stacy. They need to take responsibility for their own ignorant, disrespectful behavior & stop trying to blame Chante Moore for all that is wrong in their life. Mo is still talking about this because she has no life. Why is this newlywed and her nodiva friend so concerned with Chante. It’s not like her leaving ups their pay. Chante lives in LA, she’s a Cali girl born & raised. Mo should catch the Megabus back to Bmore and wait for KD’s next backyard brawl

  • I like Mo but she should speak and act like a grown up.She still acts like shes 17 on the block.She has children to raise.Her daughters need her to set a better example.I agree with her about Chante.Ive been watching the Divas since season one.No one is jealous of Chante.Her and Mo were cool when the show first aired.Chante will lie and act shaded.I hope Chrisette comes back.

    • Anonymous

      Lil Mo is shady. Child Bye!!

    • Gingertee

      Chante did not act shady, she did not want them in all of her business. Mo is saying she is tired of Chante eating off of the . Chante has a music catalog, Lil Mo sings hooks.

  • *shady

  • PrettySuper

    “She didn’t really shake nothing up, she just brought things to light because they was been shaken up” Jesus be an English class.

  • Anonymous

    NOW YOU KNOW! Don’t nobody believe a word Lil Mo say. She might as well quit will she’s ahead. She made herself look terrible on TV.

  • Marc

    NOW YOU KNOW!! Don’t nobody believe what Lil Mo say. She made herself look foolish on TV being shady. Why would I believe shady people.