(EXCLUSIVE) Music Producer Jas Prince LOSES $4 Million Legal Battle w/ Cash Money Over Drake Royalties

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Lil Wayne's Cash Money Denies Owing Jas Prince 4 Million Over Drake-the jasmine brand

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, music producer Jas Prince has lost his $4 million dollar legal battle with Cash Money over Drake’s music royalties with a federal court judge siding with the record label and throwing out the case.

Jas Prince — ex-fiance of Christina Milian — filed a federal lawsuit against Cash Money Records last year. He explained that back in 2007, both him and his company Young Empire Music Group discovered Drake and signed him to Aspire Music Group. Then, Cash Money approached them and wanted to sign Drake — but to do so they had to agree to pay 22% of all Drake’s advances, net profits and other advances to Jas Prince & Aspire.

Jas says that in November 2013, he was still owed a total of $5 million dollars  and confronted the label about the money, at which point they sent him $1 million. However, he says he never received the remaining $4 million from the label. He then filed suit for the $4 million claiming CM breached their contract.


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