Tyrese Appeals to Ryan Seacrest For Radio Spins

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Tyrese Gibson continues to do heavy promotion for his new album, Black Rose. The 36-year-old artist/actor has penned a personal message to both popular radio personalities Ryan Seacrest and Elvis Duran, in hopes of convincing them to play his new project on mainstream radio. Tyrese shares just how difficult it is for urban music to have an opportunity to be heard on mainstream. See his open letter in his own words below.

Open letter to Mr Ryan Seacrest of Kiss FM and Mr Elvis Duran of Z-100. Since you don’t want to respond, let’s turn things UP a notch!!!

First, you should know this… So that no one tries to diminish my point….. Let’s take a few things off the table.. ( cracking my knuckles ). I have no malicious intentions towards anyone, I’m not bitter, im actually one of the most positive and optimistic people you could ever meet and know!

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest

I’m not mad, I’m simply addressing a real issue… This is NOT a rant, this NOT coming from a racist place and I am not pulling the “race card.” This is not about sexual preference and for sure not doing this for press or buzz desperate for attention for my album release – I respect you both completely and don’t want you to be socially or personally attacked .. ( so let’s get into these topics )


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  • Anonymous

    I totally agree with everything he said. “Music” these days are full of gimmicks, no substance and catchy beats with dumb lyrics. True R&B music doesn’t get regular air play.

  • E Ray

    He’s dope! Very articulate and not interested in the quick sell out, because fortunately for him, he has resources and is not back against the wall. So he aint gotta bow for need of avoiding being broke! He’s just addressing the power structure in a very real and positive, appropriate, courageous way.