[Ovary Hustlin’] NeYo & Fiancée Crystal Renay Announce Pregnancy + Singer Blasts Critics: F**k off!

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She also added the Instagram photo below.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 1.48.19 AM

Crystal also shared her excitement, with the Instagram post below.

After making his announcement, NeYo did receive some criticism about the news. As previously reported, NeYo shares two children with his ex-girlfriend, Monyetta Shaw. Last year, Monyetta was a cast member on the reality show, Hollywood Exes, and shared with viewers how she was heartbroken how their relationship ended. Monyetta also shared that she had a procedure to prevent them from having more children together. Anywho, NeYo posted the Instagram comment below, in response to critics:


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Sidebar: Crystal is a cast member of the new BET reality show, About the Business, which is currently filming. Our guess is, she’ll share part of her pregnancy journey on the show.

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  • AC

    But didn’t people say they were together previously and they denied it? Now she is pregnant? I have no issues with her being pregnant, just why lie about yall being together in the first place?

  • riri

    This chick is just like the other (Gold Diggers) she wanted a come up so the best way for her to get paid $$$ for the next 18 years she got (Knocked Up)….#Shade Intended

  • jim

    So suddenly NeYo wants to be the (Big Bad Wolf)?? Disrespecting those who supported him in the past and present….We’ll see how long this relationship last?…..Karma has a way to revisit those who were not so nice to others in the past.

  • jd

    That bald headed monkey should just write for now on. That last album flopped and there can’t be a tour! No one is checking for him.

  • heid

    She got what she wanted a (Pay Check)….I wonder what NeYo’s Mom have to say about this? His Mom interferred with his and Monyetta’s relationship, I wonder she’s trying to run the new relationship?…..#New Chick’s not having it…. #Truth

  • kate

    Sister u are happy now as the first wife was. What he did to her it will come back to u. What goes around comes. Men like neyo are insecure