(EXCLUSIVE) TLC’s Chili & T-Boz Only Paid $60K For VH1 Biopic

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Further, she said that contrary to what the film showed, she never controlled the bands lawyers and always paid the girls what they were due.

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Viacom fired back at the allegations. In the docs they state that based on their knowledge, the portrayal of Pebbles was accurate and they did not act with malice when making the film. They demanded her $40 million dollar lawsuit be dismissed.

T-Boz and Chili were then dragged into the $40 million lawsuit recently over the VH1 movie and their former manager Pebbles filed docs stating she was going to depose the girls and grill them about the film and how they portrayed her in the movie.

Then on September 23rd, the depositions of Chili and T-Boz were filed in the case which lay out exactly how much they were paid by VH1 for the rights to their life story.

According to testimony both girls gave under oath, the deals they signed with the network paid only 60k each for the rights to film the movie.

T-Boz explains under oath that the contract with VH1 paid her $10K for her life rights and then $50K as a consultant fee on the film. The lawyer grilling the singer asked if she believed this was a low amount for the movie, to which she says that it’s what she agreed to with VH1.

Chili admitted that $60K payment was all they received for the movie. However, she did state that there were other financial incentives for doing the TV film, including the fact that the band had recently got back the masters for their re-records which means they would make money when their music is used,  like in the VH1 film. However, the singer wasn’t aware of the amount of money she has made off the masters for their songs.

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  • gia

    Where is the new Album they (Claimed) they were making and what happen to the $$$ they got from (Kick Starter)?….It’s been over a YEAR.

    • Ashley

      It hasn’t been over a year. They just did the kickstarter in February. They got off tour in July and went straight to the studio. It says on their page when the album is coming.

      • kc

        Whatever man, these chicks can’t handle $$$ very well, what they need to do is (Enroll in Financial Classes and Business Courses) and stop begging and acting like (Bottom Feeders)…#Real Talk

  • Cnadace

    I guess my question is what’s the standard pay for biopic. I can determine my shock form that.

  • Sunni

    Damn, they still doing bad business. They could have gotten at least 100k each. They may want to get a new agent or something.

  • Kyme

    I assume because it’s being reported that amount of money is not suffient.To me it seems to fall in line with how their always paid.They must not have any idea of what they should be paid for anything.They always seem to get the short end.

  • Jamie

    If Pebbles was still their manager, Chilli would have only got paid $21,033! LMFAO!!!

  • World Dominator

    Why did they get ANYTHING?! They are ‘public figures’…. Suge didn’t get a penny for STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON, these has beens been on a ‘sympathy trip’ for decades, MAKE A HIT girls! What is PAST is PAST, get over it – sell some units!