(EXCLUSIVE) Jay Z – Judge Sides w/ Rapper in ‘Big Pimpin’ Lawsuit, Bans Jury From Hearing About Past Criminal Convictions & Wealth

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Both parties have been filing documents in the case demanding certain experts, documents or facts be excluded from the trial,  for various reasons.

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However, Jay Z filed docs in the case demanding that his past criminal conviction NOT be allowed to be spoken during in the courtroom. He explained that recently the man suing him mentioned he planned on bringing up the rapper’s criminal rap sheet in the trial. Jay Z’s team stated that this was absurd because hadn’t had a criminal conviction in the past 10 years and the criminal case has NOTHING to do with the current case.

The rapper also demanded the man not be allowed to bring up just how wealthy he is as a music mogul. He said the information regarding his finances was irrelevant and the only reason it would be brought up during the trial is to bias the jury against him, and to artificially inflate the size of the potential damages award

Then on September 24th, the judge came back with his decision on the rapper’s motions. The order states that the judge agrees with Jay Z , stating that his past criminal convictions being brought up in court would carry a significant risk of causing unfair prejudice with the jury. Further, he explained that any past criminal convictions aren’t relevant to the case.

The judge also sided with Jay Z on the topic of the jury being informed of his wealth. He states that discussion about the millions of dollars the rapper is worth would bring nothing to the table in the trial and he granted Jay’s motion to prohibit any talk about how rich he is to the jury.

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