Usher, Grant Hill, Monica, Kelly Price, Karen Civil Spotted At ‘African Americans for Hillary’ in Atlanta [Photos]

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Photos: Prince Williams/ATLPics.net

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  • uh huh

    she is MILKING that. She is a flip flopper who doesnt stand firmly on any subject. I thought I would like her but her history shows she sides with whatever is popular and changes her words when it is no longer fitting for her agenda. She is riding on the coat tails of her husband and that isnt fair to us. But people arent looking at that, they are being nostalgic about what her husband meant to us and that is being very short sighted…Sanders has a much better track record with what he stands for and what he has stood for since the beginning. Now, whether he would be able to get any of his agenda approved and moved on is another subject all together but he deserves our vote much more than this woman imho.