T-Boz Reacts to Backlash Over Kick Starter: I refuse to address ignorance. [AUDIO]

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The problem with people — I refuse to address ignorance because there are a lot of followers out there they here one comment and jump on the bandwagon, but failed to do their research…

T-Boz shared her disappointment with black media outlets reporting what she considers is a false story.

It’s mostly our people doing it and you don’t ever see other races on the internet dogging other people out the way black people [do].

She also states that now there is a lack of responsible journalism and media outlets don’t fact check, but sensationalize stories. She also adds:

Social media has given a lot of people a voice who probably shouldn’t have one to.

Listen to the full interview below.

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  • m

    Girl stop. Where the $400k+ at?

  • tj

    They got the $$$ and now they want to talk smack to their FANS, this is why they’re EXPOSED, Chili could of borrowed the $$ from Usher or Dallas and T Boz could borrow from her Industry Friends, as we can SEE Neither chick knows how to Budget their $$$, this is why they need to Enroll In Finance Class ASAP….#Trifling Chicks