(EXCLUSIVE) Stevie Wonder Scores Legal Victory Over Music Royalties

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Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Stevie Wonder scored a legal victory in the battle with his ex-lawyers widow over his music royalties, with a federal court judge throwing out the woman’s lawsuit against the singer saying she has no right to any of his money made from the music.

Earlier this year, Susan Strack – the widow of Stevie’s late attorney Johanan Vigoda – filed suit against the musician accusing him of screwing her out of royalties owed on the deal he signed with her husband.

Stevie Wonder, Pharrell Williams

Stevie Wonder, Pharrell Williams

The complaint explained that Vigoda represented Wonder for 4 decades as his entertainment attorney. Strack claimed that her late husband helped the musician go from making barely anything on his music contracts to signing some of the most lucrative contracts in the business.

Susan said that Wonder signed a deal with her husband in which he would receive 6 percent fee of all of his revenues “forever” and that would transfer to his heirs in the case he passed away.


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