Porsha Williams Tweets About Physical Fight With Cynthia Bailey: I can’t be the punching bag! [VIDEO]

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Cynthia Bailey-Porsha Williams fight RHOA-the jasmine brand

On last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, things got physical between cast mates, Cynthia Bailey and Porsha Williams. From what we watched, the altercation was triggered by a plethora of cocktails, coupled with the word ‘b*tch’.

See the footage of what triggered the fight between the pair.

And somehow, things got ugly real quick. See the footage below.


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  • AC

    I agree that she tried to make it right. She did go to Cynthia very apologetic(not to mention it wasn’t meant like that in the first place)… I am not sure if I actually heard the words “I’m sorry” but I do believe she was getting there and clearly was sorry. I think Cynthia being so extra kind of threw it all over the top and Porsha just lost it. I’m #teamporsha on this one.

    • Anonymous

      Um clearly you were not watching because PORSHA said she do not owe her an apology because she did NOTHING WRONG, soo I am not sure what you were actually watching she said it twice toCynthia and the other ladies

    • JENNY JONES!!!


  • gigi

    These chicks are FAKE just like THE WEAVE IN THEIR HEAD….#Sit Down Clowns

    • Cynthia is clearly losing it. First, her man is crying like a bitch on TV. Didn’t Nene tell him to “stop acting like a bitch” and now he goes and proves again why that statement was necessary. Next she took what Portia said completely out of context. Third she needs to be mindful that he daughter is watching everything that’s going on. Instead of worrying about a cute tutor, that she clearly has control over hiring, she should be more concerned about the fact that she’s acting and looking like an ass on TV.

  • Breeze

    Wow. I can never understand the hate against Cynthia. I still like her. Straight up, I couldn’t hear the audio b/c I’m at work but everybody has a slip up once in a while and I could see her motioning for Porsha to leave her alone a few times. Bottom line is, Porsha again put her hands on somebody. At what point are people going to hold her responsible for her actions? As an adult…I would have just walked away if someone isn’t trying to hear my apology.

  • Neith08

    Cynthia seems like she knows so darn much and you mean to tell me she didn’t know how to resolve that minor ass situation. Girl bye.

    • Anonymous

      Yes it was minor. Like porsha said they had been calling each other b**** all day and suddenly Cynthia feels disrespected, please. How about calling each other by your birth name, how about that. The word is derogatory anyway. Cynthia exploded at porsha because she didn’t have the nerves to give all that to the person who deserved it and that is peter!!! Team porsha Cynthia is fake!!!

      • Remmi

        There is “Bitch please!” versus “Yeah right Bitch.” The connotation has a different meaning. WHen someone has walked away from you and has respectfully requested you move, you move. Let the situation calm and then state your position. Adults say, ” If I misspoke, I apologize. No harm intended. Then go about your business.

        • Tan

          Thank you. It seems no one saw Porsha straddling over Cynthia or Cynthia repeatedly asking her to leave. Porsha does not seem to comprehend things. She even went as far to ask Cynthia was she going through something, well wasn’t that the point of the trip because of the issues she was having personally? When someone says leave them alone, leave them alone. Porsha just kept adding fuel to the fire. You can’t expect to back someone in a corner without them coming out fighting. Some say Cynthia targeted Porsha as the weak one, but I feel that Porsha targeted Cynthia as the weak one because of her previous friendship with the one whose name I shall not speak.