Cuba Gooding Jr. Had An Emotional Break-Down While Playing OJ Simpson

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The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story is a 10-eposides series that will premiere Feb. 2 on FX. The series will unveil details that went on behind the scenes detailing blow-by-blow events, and the racial tension in politics that lead up to the ‘Gun Shot “ heard around the world, which is O.J Simpson’s acquittal on October 3. 1995.

But before there was a murder trial, there was at the murder of Simpson’s ex-wife Nicole Brown-Simpson and her good friend Ronald Goldman. The two were brutally murdered outside of Nicole’s home the summer of June 12,1994.

The cast consists of Academy Award winning actor, Cuba Gooding Jr., who will portray O.J Simpson, Courtney B. Vance as Johnnie Cochran, Sarah Paulson will play the prosecutor Marcia Clark. David Schwimmer as O.J friends and defense attorney Robert Kardashian and returning to TV after 40 years, John Travolta as Robert Shapiro. The Hollywood Reported recently interviewed the cast on the upcoming FX series. Peep a few excerpts.

Gooding admits he had early reservations about taking on the role. And his months long process of becoming Simpson took a toll.

There was one day after filming that I went to my trailer and I couldn’t stop crying because I realized I never [even considered the loss] for the Goldman or Brown family.

Gooding’s thoughts on O.J being acquitted:

Back then I was just so relieved that another black man got away from the injustice that was the LAPD. I was just so relieved that they didn’t screw us over again.


The FX series also cast Courtney B. Vance, best known for role on Law & Order: Criminal Intent, who will play the late Johnnie Cochran. Cochran was instrumental in Simpson’s defense.

Unlike others, who got surprised by the moment and found themselves trying to catch up, Johnnie recognized that this case was absolutely about race and not about anything else, and his whole professional life to that point had been about that.

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  • Kim

    I just don’t understand why “they”keep rehashing this story.This is just like the Cosby *^it to me.Are they gonna make a TV movie about the South Carolina church massacre?Are they gonna make a TV movie about Mike Brown and the corrupt police in Ferguson,Mo.?WilI the TV movie be made about all the unjust police killings of innocent blacks?I just think it’s redundant and I’m tired of hearing about it.