Sage the Gemini Trashes Jordin Sparks In Secret Audio: I wanted to stab her. [Listen]

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Currium (Sage's Ex), Sage the Gemini, Jordin Sparks

Currium (Sage’s ex), Sage the Gemini, Jordin Sparks

What’s done or said in the dark, ultimately comes to light. Just ask Sage the Gemini. New audio has surfaced of him trashing his now ex-girlfriend, Jordin Sparks. Sage’s ex girlfriend Curium (who he was with before Jordin) secretly recorded a conversation between her and Sage. And in the audio, Sage is spilling all sorts of tea.

Sage The Gemini Calls Jordin Sparks-The Best Girl I Ever Had-the jasmine brand

On his relationship with Jordin he says:

Everything was f*cking horrible. That sh*t was dumb. She got on my nerves, I wanted to stab her. Don’t get me wrong, she’s cool, she’s level-headed, but she’s not a regular person. Everybody on the outside looking in thinks it’s hella perfect. At first it was supposed to be on the same sh*t as Kaylin Garcia but you wanted get your Instagram back up and post another n*gga so I was just like, ‘F*ck it, I’m just gonna continue to do it.’

He adds that they didn’t have the same sense of humor:

I say a joke and she don’t laugh, i’m like b*tch, I know I’m funny. Curium would have peed on herself at what I just said.

During his conversation with her, Sage also states how much he misses Curium, how prior to his split with Jordin she gave him $70k to help him purchase a home and more. Listen to the jaw-dropping audio below.

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  • But he’s all on ig talking about how much he miss her (Jordin). I wouldn’t answer his calls after hearing that either and I would take him to court and get my $70k back

  • gill

    Jordin please stay away from (Sage The Brown Eyed, Bi Polar, Brother )….Dude is Cray Cray…#Remember what the Late Mya Angelo said (If Someone Shows You Who They Are Believe Them)….#Run Forrest Run

  • CiCi

    This dude (Can’t Be Trusted)…#Dummy

  • Selena Que

    Jordan should really

    screen her man pool better these guys she’s dealing with seem very immature and not a lot to offer her. She’s going to end up with a string of men trailing her heels and a tainted image dealing with these knuckle heads she is choosing.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if the ex-girl ever considered he might be lying to her to keep her on the hook? Guys do that all the time. Saying the other girl was nothing, we never even slept together, etc. etc

  • Anonymous

    Curium: radio active chemical element
    Sage: prickly bush gives you lyme disease
    Both are things to stay the hell away from!

  • I pray she finds someone that can get their own damn water when they cough and don’t have to call me at 3Am in the morning for BULLSHIT…Move on Girl! You are better off without him

  • Anonymous

    He just talking s***!! To try and get back with her. Chile run!!!!!