Lil Kim Fans Pissed At NeNe Leakes Over Plastic Surgery Post [Photos]

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NeNe Leakes, Lil Kim

NeNe Leakes, Lil Kim

Lil Kim fans have attacked NeNe Leakes on social media. The reality star has launched a new website called ‘The Fab Gab‘. A story on her site titled, ‘Plastic Surgery: Should You or Shouldn’t You?’ has pissed off the rapper’s fans┬álivid.┬áThe story provides readers with 5 questions they should ask before going under the knife and uses Kim as an example. With a photo of Kim, the site says,

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 12.49.00 PM

5. Are you changing a feature or are you changing yourself?

I mean, you’ve gotta draw the line somewhere. If you look like a totally different person before and after plastic surgery, you’re doing it wrong. It’s one thing if you want to amplify your natural beauty with Botox or if you want to change a feature you’re insecure about. But when you’re changing your entire facial structure…that’s when it becomes a problem. And honey, that’s not going to make you feel any better about yourself…

Apparently, Lil Kim’s fans caught wind of the story and hopped on NeNe’s Instagram slandering her. NeNe responded and noted that she wasn’t the author of the story, but simply owns the web site.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 12.49.34 PM


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  • Breeze

    Nene’s attitude is spoiled rotten. I just don’t see how someone like her keeps getting ahead in life when she absolutely doesn’t deserve it.

  • CiaraM

    This is the “Reason” why NeHe doesn’t need “A Platform To Pee On” she’s not the one for taking “Jabs or Truth” being thrown at her. Why do people bother with NeHe is beyond me? She will “Always Be A H00drat”….#Real Talk

  • Aceboogie

    Does Lil Kim look the same now as she did when she first came out?? Hell no.. it’s no hate by far.. its the truth.. pics don’t lie.. clearly..

    • Darknlovely

      @Aceboogie. does NeHe look the same when THEY first came out? Not taking up for nor jumping on a bandwagon. NeHe should have tole THEM to use her as an example instead of Lil Kim. Because I’m sure she proofed the information since she has given and own the website. SHE NEEDS TO HAVE A SEAT with the unprofessional nasty mouth. PERIOD. GHETTO.

  • leelee

    Will someone/anyone please tell NeNe to take “Public Speaking Classes”….If you listen to her talk it’s “Ridiculous”…..#Girl Bye

  • Selena Que

    I guess she didn’t write that comment either. HeNe is so full of herself she doesn’t see her own folly…she is a far cry from the sophisticated woman she tries to portray when she is on talk shows. She comes off very phony trying to speak in a foreign vernacular to make herself seem smarter or classy. You can’t buy class and you can’t just conjure it up for the moment you either have it or you don’t and reading HeNe’s comments and tweets….girl you ain’t got it…bye.