Wendy Williams Show Fired Several Producers [Pink Slip Problems]

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Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams

Pink slips were handed out on one of your favorite daytime talk shows. “The Wendy Williams Show” has fired several producers in the wake of its host’s blundering remarks about the NAACP, according to a new report. Reportedly, longtime producer Jason Gabel and at least two other senior staff members were let go.

Wendy Williams Launches Comedy Tour-2015-The Jasmine Brand

A source claims, “The crew had a big party celebrating what they considered a season well done,” we’re told, and “the next day [some of them] got calls saying they’d been let go.”

Execs want to revise the show, adding more current- affairs coverage and pop culture.

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As you know, last month, the ‘Say It Like You Mean It‘ host caught hell, after making comments about the NAACP and historically black colleges. She later apologized for her comments and had a transparent conversation with TV host Roland Martin about the issue. [Page Six]

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  • Anonymous

    Interesting. Was it due to their research that she made the comments regarding the NAACP and HBCUs? Wendy’s comments were from a personnel perspective. She should know better!!!

    I guess someone had to be the scapegoat for her ignorance. IJS

    • Breeze

      I was about to type the same thing! How are they getting fired for your ignorance?

  • dee

    I think it’s the producers job to tell the host what to say and to give the show a certain direction. Given that Wendy’s dad & brother? attended HBCUs I doubt it was her idea to make the comments, but she wants to keep her show so you do what you’re told. Fortunately it backfired and the true culprits have been let go. Hopefully they will hire some producers who are culturally aware or they will avoid race issues all together to keep their white viewers happy. Cause in the age of Twitter, etc. Black folks have the power to make their displeasure known.

    • Wendell

      Wendy’s remarks about HBCUs and the NAACP were hers alone. These producers are being scapegoated for her ignorance. SMH

  • gia

    Why should they get Fired? Wendy was the one who “Blurted Out Non Sense” without getting her facts right….#SMH

  • Joy

    This is such a tragedy. Such a huge double double standard that blacks are so dang sensitive and whiny about the slightest comments. If I were Wendy I wouldn’t apologize for my thoughts. Playing to these same people’s demands is only worsening the issue and putting more division between the races.

    • Anonymous

      What she said was out of stupidity!! She thought her audience was going to agree and clap. When they didn’t she was lost. By the way her audience is not majority black. So were they being sensitive? Those people were fired because they had to get rid of someone and blame for her ignorant comments.