Janet Jackson To Name Baby After Brother Michael Jackson & Marlon’s Twin Who Died At Birth

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Janet Jackson To Name Baby After Brother Michael

Rumor has it, Janet Jackson is planning to name her unborn child after two of her deceased brothers. Reportedly, the 50-year-old singer will name her child “Michael Brandon”. Michael refers to her brother, mega pop star Michael. And Brandon refers to her brother Marlon’s twin, Brandon, who died at birth. A source says,

Janet will honor both Michael and Brandon. It’s something that her husband, Wissam Al Mana, agreed to when she got pregnant.

Janet Jackson To Name Baby After Brother Michael Jackson & Marlon's Twin Who Died At Birth

Another source disputes this alleged name, stating that Janet’s husband will name their child. They state that Janet’s husband is,

a traditional Muslim who believes the man makes all of the decisions and the wife must abide by them.

A family insider says that the baby will still have a Muslim first and last name.

Michael Brandon will be in the middle. The child will have a name given by Wissam, and will take Wissam’s last name.

Janet and Wissam’s first child together is due in December. Both have been super private about the pregnancy, so it’s highly unlikely that they’ll confirm their child’s name anytime soon.

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  • jae

    I’m sure Wissam will likely name his and Janet’s baby, I hope they are having twins, because Janet is big in the middle. I do not at all believe the statement that Wissam believes that the man makes all the decisions and the wife–Janet must abide by them! If he were so strict Janet would have never married him, nor moved across the world to be with him! Janet is that woman! Janet has her own money, & no problem getting, and keeping a man. Janet simply leaves when the BS begins.
    Again if Wissam were so strict, J
    anet would have never made a new album and toured in 2015 & 2016! Lies people!