Tyra Banks Doesn’t Want Her Son Going After Cookie Cutter Women

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Tyra Banks Doesn't Want Her Son Going After Cookie Cutter Women

Tyra Banks On Motherhood

Tyra Banks is an accomplished woman. From dominating the model industry at a young age, launching a long running hit TV show, hosting a talk show and creating a beauty company, the 42-year-old California native keeps adding to her list of accomplishments.  The beauty guru and new mom recently dished on finding balance, the reason she created America’s Next Top Model, and parenting her nine month old son York Banks Asla with boyfriend Erik Asla. Check out a few excerpts.

On finding balance:

My secret to balance is to focus on one thing at a time. I used to be the most amazing multitasker, doing three things at once, not anymore, now that I have my son. I think that’s Mother Nature’s way of saying this life you created takes all of your brain power. Now I’m like, ‘Mommy’s going on a conference call,’ and I give him to his dad.

Tyra Banks Doesn't Want Her Son Going After Cookie Cutter Women

On how her son demands her attention:

My son, as he gets older, he’s getting a lot more clingy so he wants to be held a lot more and be close to Mommy a lot more, so I have to do things fast. We have a five-minute TYover at Tyra Beauty and that is like my savior because I have to slap it on like it’s war paint like, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. And then pick him up or else he gets crazy and demanding Mommy’s attention, so I have to go fast.

On why she doesn’t want her son going after cookie cutter girls:

I want to teach him that he doesn’t need to go after chicks that are just cookie-cutter. I want him to understand that beauty has so many different shapes and sizes and colors and features. I hope that he can appreciate beauty like his mom does, like I do — that I see beauty in things that the world doesn’t necessarily tell us are beautiful.

On why she started America’s Next Top Model:

That is why I created America’s Next Top Model — to really showcase all different types of beauty and to put them on a pedestal, things that aren’t necessarily cookie-cutter. So I hope he is able to see that and appreciate that.

Tyra Banks Doesn't Want Her Son Going After Cookie Cutter Women

Tyra Banks

On how she rejuvenates after sleepless nights with York:

My son is teething so some nights I barely sleep. The next day my face will look swollen and I’ll have bags under my eyes. My track is to use my Instant Gratification mask to illuminate and smooth my skin. Then I walk into my office and everyone’s like, ‘You look great!’ I’m like, ‘What? I slept for two hours!’


Tyra Banks Doesn't Want Her Son Going After Cookie Cutter Women

Tyra and Erik

On if there are anymore kids in she and boyfriend Erik Asla’s future:

I don’t know. We’ll see. We shall see. I’m not sure.

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