Steve Harvey Accused of Racism In Lawsuit: Spit On White People!

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Steve Harvey Accused of Racism In Lawsuit: Spit On White People!

Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey Accused of Racism In Lawsuit

A former Steve Harvey employee is making some serious accusations about the comedian turned TV host. He has been hit with a lawsuit, by an employee named Joseph Cooper, who claims he doesn’t like white people. Cooper alleges that he has recordings of the ‘Family Feud’ saying,

I don’t give a s–t about America!

And on another alleged recording, Harvey allegedly urged fans to “spit on white people!” and “go assault old white women!”

Meanwhile, Harvey has also filed a lawsuit against Cooper, accusing the ex employee of using the recordings to “extort” him for $5 million. theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reported, Cooper tried to sell old recordings of Harvey’s comedy routines, made more than 20 years ago, because of the sensitive material they contained. Harvey claims in docs that

Mr. Cooper has initiated a campaign to essentially extort me, coerce me and embarrass me as I started to build my entertainment career.

Havery’s lawyers claimed that

virtually every time Harvey was hired for a television show [Cooper] would contact the owners or principals to inform them of potentially embarrassing material and or tapes and attempt to have them influence Harvey to pay for the tapes.


Steve Harvey Accused of Racism In Lawsuit: Spit On White People!

Steve Harvey

Cooper claims that he created the tapes after he was hired the comedian in 1993. At the time, he says that he was to videotape his comedy act at the Steve Harvey Comedy Club in Dallas.

In court documents, Harvey admits that the tapes contain material that is “a lot edgier” than the family-oriented jokes he now uses. Back then, he said,

I didn’t have to concern myself with branding or imaging or anything. You could just say — I thought I was funnier.

The case will continue to play out in court. P.S. Does Harvey making alleged jokes about white people make him racist? 

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  • Bobbie

    All comedians make jokes about all races that is nothing new. If that is what this lawsuit is based on, then cooper needs to come up with something else.

  • Reginald Green

    I wanna hear the tapes… wut a tease?

  • kia Wsshington

    I’m just here reading The Comments, but when Po Folks become Rich Folks “they” seem to forget where”they” came from! Need I say WHO, I’m referring too?

  • MsApollonia26

    There are always Evil people that want to bring your success down. And dont believe it either about Steve!

  • Shirley

    It’s sad that you lose your job now 20 years later you want to bring up issues…it wasn’t a problem when you were getting those checks tho.