Brandy’s Mother Sonja Norwood Jumps In Monica Feud: My daughter is the vocal bible!

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Brandy's Mother Sonja Norwood Jumps In Monica Feud: My daughter is the vocal bible!

Brandy’s Mother Sonja Norwood Jumps In Monica Feud

Brandy’s mother and manager, Sonja Norwood, has taken to social media defending her daughter. As you know, this week, the rumored feud between Brandy and Monica was ignited again. While performing at the Soul Train Awards on Sunday, Brandy changed the lyrics to one of her hit songs. Some assumed that she was taking aim at Monica. See the clip below.

Brandy also posted a message about the late Whitney Houston. Some suggest that she also took a dig at Monica, who also had a relationship with the late singer.

Brandy's Mother Sonja Norwood Jumps In Monica Feud: My daughter is the vocal bible!

So what’s the latest? After a fan/critic criticized Brandy and her mother on social media, Sonja hopped in and Brandy joined her. See their responses below.

Brandy's Mother Sonja Norwood Jumps In Monica Feud: My daughter is the vocal bible!

Brandy's Mother Sonja Norwood Jumps In Monica Feud: My daughter is the vocal bible!

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  • Darknlovely

    The “Vocal Bible”???? Who??? I hope she’s not talking about Brandy. FIRST.. she’s jumping on the Whitney wagon. That urk me….but BRANDY did post all those sweet nothings. But before she said about Whitney, Whitney has lost her mind, gone crazy since she lost her voice.” What a very kind thing to say but now she’s your angel? Girl – you better know, Whitney sees and knows ALL, now. Every little ill trinket you had for her. In my opinion Brandy was like Jennifer Hudson thinking Clive Davis was going o back them in “taking or being the next” Whitney. Whitney’s is the ONLY VOCAL BIBLE ALIVE/DECEAST. That’s why they called her THE VOICE. PERIOD. Now that real talk. . Be mindful….act accordingly during the time of distress instead of after the fact (wink, wink).Have a seat, Mrs. Sonja and Brandy

  • SumthinSweeter

    Smh, social media is the devil.

    • Kim

      This is the best comment I’ve heard through it all.


    Brandy is TRASH & a HAS BEEN! Hasn’t had a real ‘hit’ in DECADES (over 20 years!) Only time she’s mentioned in legal drama with her LACK of leverage with record labels, brother best known for an amateur PORN TAPE, the family is a MESS!

    • Kim

      You are entitled to your opinion.But,You’re wrong,Brandy can still sale out a show.Lets see how many artist of today will be around in 20 years.

      • Rachel Pitcher

        No no no..Brandy aint selling out nothing now

  • Bryan Lee

    I love brandy if you know true music brandy was the only in first singer to come in the game with different vocal range low tones that didn’t sound like nobody else. Now everybody trying to sound like that. Monica she okay but career wise brandy stomped all over. I hate people who don’t do they homework about an artist in as for her mother she should have jump in because she has been in the mix of her career.BRANDY VOCAL BIBLE .

  • SachelsofGold

    Such disrespect! Brandy is the business and anyone who says otherwise is flat out crazy. A has been? Music doesn’t die… and her talent still reigns supreme. Nothing against Monica but she’s known more these days for being a basketball wife and mom, and being on the scene with her famous friends… not her music. And, Sonja Norwood is also a legend in her field. Don’t get it twisted.

    • Kim


    • Darknlovely

      What maturity and legend-ness in throwing pot-shots at another entertainer!!!! Really? How grown-up!!!! You have it twisted.

  • Bobbie

    Everyone is to old to be this messy!!! Sonja needs to manage and stay out of twitter drama! I have not seen any comments from Monica, just living her life and making music! Last thing I heard about Brandy she killed someone on the freeway and that was years ago. She is definitely not a vocal bible that is extreme!!!!

  • Netta B

    I adore Brandy as a singer and actress.

  • Sky Bluee

    Sonja first and formost you really need to stay in your lane you are mommy-manger but you are way to much in your Grown kids business and if Princess had balls should would check yo ass! Brandy & Monica beef..that shit was 30 years ago ain’t nobody tripping on that but for you to comment on it..shows just how petty you are. Brandy ain’t nobody coming for yo moms she is on social media so she can get read!! Monica is a beautiful women with talent and has beautiful kids.