Yandy Smith & Mendeecees’ Baby Mama Are Dragging Each Other

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Erika, Yandy Smith

Erika DeShazo, Yandy Smith

Yandy Smith vs. Mendeecees Baby Mama

Things are all bad between Love & Hip Hop: NY’s Yandy Smith and one of Mendeecees’ baby mamas, Erika DeShazo. [Erika and Mendeecees share a son named Aasin]. If you’ve watched this season of the show, you’ll notice that there’s all types of drama popping off between Yandy and Erika, along with Samantha Wallace (the mother of Mendeecees’ son named Mendeecees Jr). After this week’s episode aired, Erika hopped on social media, sharing an Instagram post where she calls Yandy out. See her post below.

Yandy and MDC are Married and Mazel Tov! Wish them the Best! Point is, I can’t respect a LIAR! Our challenge is not about Him! Its about her stalking me, showing up at my son’s school and frauding teachers,sneaking him through airports & trying to disrespect/discredit me repeatedly and then play victim. #WhenEditingCantHelpInRealLife #DontLieOnMeBecauseYouCantEraseHistory #StopTryingToSpinTheTruth #WhenYoureMadAtTheWorldBecauseYouHadToMakeUpALife #WhenYoureUsedToBeIngTheSlideYouTryToFlipIt #YoureTheDeniedSideSlide #WhosASlideThatGetsMoreThanTheThirdBabyMama #ThingsSugarMamasSayWhenTheyBigMad #WhatAboutTheReceiptsOnTheTable #KidnappingKids #Obsessed #SmugglingKidsThroughAirports #CantPayForFlights #Stalking #CryingAndLying #StoryChangedTenTimesInTenMinutes #YouBeenLyingForYears #TooPressedTryingToProveWhatIWas #DontComeForAasimMendeeceesHarris #KeepPlayingItsAllComingOut #LOLLLLL #LHHNY #VH1 #Receipts #Slideshow #DontLookLikeASlideToMe

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Erika also takes a jab at Yandy’s close friend, Kimbella, who is also on the show.



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  • ShelbyMoore

    If Erika looks at the collage posted by Yandy and then look at hers, she would see that MDC really isn’t that into her. You can see the love in MDC’s eyes when he looks at Yandy, Erika, no.

    • Haterz_Luv_Me

      Right!!!! This brawd is just mad that Mendeecees didn’t marry her! Yandy just seems like she wants her kids to be able to have a relationship with their brothers, but the B.B.M.C. (Bitter baby mama club) are only thinking about themselves!!!

  • KingLeona

    Kimbella dumb ass had nothing, NOTHING to do with this. #whyareyouspeaking Yeah Erika is going to reply, because you said some shit to her…now its When I see you hoes…girl have several.